How to Save Energy By Renovating Your Business Spaces

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Commercial space renovations tend to boost the overall value of any property. So, by increasing its resale value, you’ll be able to make more money when it’s time to sell.

Another way to increase your property’s value is by cutting costs on your electricity bills and saving up to 30 per cent of your regular energy consumption. Especially if you own business property. You need to track the use of your electricity business.

Business Electricity Use and Tips on How to Save

If you want to know what will move the needle regarding value and appeal while at the same time not cutting any holes in your pocket, read on for more.

Today’s important tip for you to upgrade and renovate. However, the entire process can be a difficult task for many homeowners. Why? Because it can be hard to decide what items are worth including since every homeowner will potentially have different ideas about how they want their properties to look.

Here are the top tips for renovating a particular space in your business area. Learn how to reduce light energy use by creating well-lit bathrooms. Or find out how you can save 50 per cent of your office energy consumption by installing big windows and minimizing the use of your heaters and AC systems.

Switch off lights when not in use in the bathrooms

You can start by thinking of where you primarily use up your electricity. If you manage a commercial space, you have areas or rooms such as the bathroom where lights often run 24/7.

It is a common practice to let the lights turned-on from day to night. However, you can change this. Why not get bathroom remodeling done and any type of plumbing repair you need while using natural light during the day?

Upgrade the look of this particular space by installing more oversized windows. It would provide enough lighting during the day and give the restroom efficient ventilation. Thus, this would allow you to turn off the exhaust fan when not needed.

Go – green and sustainable. 

When you go green and sustainable, you opt for resource-saving gadgets and appliances. You could replace your incandescent lights with more innovative and cheaper LED lamps along with led strip light.

Environmental concerns have become more critical than ever, so property owners are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and make their homes more eco-friendly. An eco-friendly material can help save money on utility bills while increasing property.

Did you know? Many people don’t realize that you must replace appliances every ten years because they lose efficiency over time (much like cars).

More recent models tend to be more energy efficient than older ones, which means they cost less to operate and save homeowners money on utility bills over time.

So, if you want to help reduce waste and water usage and provide a healthier environment for everyone, you can start by installing low-flow faucets and toilets; you can save up to 10 gallons per minute (GPM) on each fixture — that’s over 5,000 gallons per year.

You can also replace your showerhead with one that uses less water while still providing plenty of pressure. If you have a constantly running older toilet, replace it with a new low-flow model that uses only 1.6 gallons per flush instead of 3.5 gallons or more.

Upgrading your electrical system by investing in new transformer from transformer manufacturers can help to make it more efficient. In turn, this could help you save costs on your energy bills.

Include Accessibility Features

Most business owners don’t think about accessibility when they’re planning a renovation. Most of the time, you what to add escalators or electric stairs to help mobilize people. Still, it’s an important consideration, especially if you need to cater for individuals with limited mobility or who use a wheelchair or walker.

Consider things such as anti slip stair nosing and grab bars along stairs and the walls of your facilities. You can also upgrade the stairs with a more efficient layout to help the elderly climb up strips quickly. Avoid the thick steps. You can do this by reducing the inches of the steps.

This way, instead of people constantly using the escalator, they can enjoy using the stairs. You are also upgrading your commercial presence by installing features that help people with disability who visit your establishment.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), over 20 per cent of Americans have disabilities or chronic health conditions. In addition, as people age or experience injuries, they may need additional support to live safely in their homes.

In addition, the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all new homes include accessibility features such as:

  • grab bars in showers
  • wheelchair ramps
  • door hardware that opens with the touch of a button (or by pushing on the doorjamb rather than pulling on the knob)

You must install these features during new construction, but you can also add them during renovations.

Invest In Quality Materials

Don’t skimp on the materials when thinking about your bathroom remodeling project. You want everything in your space to look good and last a long time, so spend money on quality materials.

This means investing in tile or stone floors instead of linoleum or carpeting.

Stone is more lasting and accessible to clean than other materials like tile or laminate wood floors because it doesn’t scratch easily or absorb stains like other materials.

It also adds taste and sophistication to any room in your house — not just the bathroom!

You can also try installing new fixtures such as faucets or sinks instead of using second-hand ones from another room in the house or garage sale purchases. Did you know? A new bathtub or shower can increase the value of your home by as much as 30 per cent.

So, if you choose an acrylic tub instead of cast iron or ceramic tile instead of vinyl flooring, these upgrades can help boost resale value by as much as $10,000, according to HomeAdvisor’s 2018 Cost vs Value Report.

You’ll pay more upfront, but it will be worth it in the long run because these materials tend to hold their worth better than other materials over time.

Get The Layout Right

One of the biggest blunders business owners make when renovating their properties is ignoring the layout. So before planning your renovation project, take some time to think about what features you need in your space.

Doing this would also allow you to see the best set-up for your electrical appliance and equipment. An efficient set-up would help you reduce energy consumption. Why?

Well, have you done connecting several extensions before? This adds up to the reason why your electricity charges surge. Too many connections can create multiple outlets for the electricity to get consumed.

So, plan and create the best layout inside your business establishment. You can also get the help of electrical installers to create a power box to organize your electric outlets and switches.

Sit down and think about what you want out of this space. Are there things that you could improve? What are some methods you can use to maximize space? Do you have any issues that require attention?

Don’t try to cram as many features into the space as possible. You have to keep things simple and elegant so that each component inside the bathroom shines without being overshadowed by another element.

If you want to sell your home in a few years, it’s worth investing in professional help when designing your new space, particularly if you’re not very good at interior design.

A designer can ensure that everything fits together correctly and looks beautiful without costing too much money or taking up too much space. They will be able to help you figure out what makes sense for your situation and make recommendations based on their experience working with other clients in similar cases.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of reasons to invest in reorganizing and redesigning your business space, and one of them is essential is to create the best layout of your room to cut costs and create efficient systems. That said, you can maximize your space to have an energy-efficient set-up and help you save costs in the long run.

They can increase your property values, provide an incentive for potential buyers to take a closer look at your property, or even make the home more comfortable to live in.

Whatever your motivation, including the electrical aspect of your properties, it is a great way to improve your living space and boost financial returns on your investment. If you are working on a complex, multi-stage project, it is always better to hire residential and commercial remodeling services in houston.

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