Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Tarrytown Promote Heart Health for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Photo: Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Tarrytown

February is all about the heart!

Students and professionals from Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Tarrytown are celebrating American Heart Month by speaking out about the amazing health and romance benefits of ballroom dancing. And to prove their message is straight from the heart, they are giving away introductory ballroom dance lessons for the rest of February for FREE!

From Valentine’s Day through the end of February, Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Tarrytown are inviting the public to enjoy the heart-pumping fun of ballroom dancing with free introductory lessons.

“We at Fred Astaire Dance Studios believe in the romantic and physical benefits of ballroom dancing whole-heartedly,” Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Tarrytown owner Sasha Bylim said, “We want everyone in our area to share in the fun while trying something new!

The HEALTH Equation: Dance = Heart Health

  • A recent study of more than 48,000 adults found that moderate-intensity dancing is tied to a lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.
  • According to the American Heart Association, researchers have found that dance — specifically, slow and fast waltz — improved functional capacity and quality of life for people who suffered from heart disease and previous heart attacks.
  • Studies show that after participating jointly in an exciting physical activity such as dancing, couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and more in love with their partner (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology).

The LOVE Equation: Dance = Romance!
Humphrey Klinkenberg, relationship therapist, says no matter the language you speak, dance is all you need to communicate love to your partner:

  • Quality Time: When a couple dances together, they give quality time to each other, especially when they dance together only and avoid swapping partners.
  • Acts of Service: Dancing and working together in a give and take manner, learning and helping each other with the steps, are all acts of service.
  • Physical Touch: All ballroom and Latin dances offer physical contact. This is especially true for close contact dances like the rumba or the Argentine tango.
  • Words of Affirmation: As you learn to dance, you naturally get better at dancing and provide many opportunities to offer words of affirmation, complimenting your partner, showing appreciation, etc.
  • Receiving Gifts: Some people feel special when they are given personal gifts. Dancing provides many opportunities for gifts of tickets to dances, lessons, new dance shoes and outfits.


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