Celebrating 10 Years of Skin Beauty & Health in Peekskill

Kerry Scardino

Skinchanted Spa, a two-time Best of Westchester winner, is celebrating their tenth year of business. An anniversary celebration will be held April 4 from 5-7pm at Skinchanted Spa in Peekskill. There will be a giveaway for one $500 Skinchanted Gift Certificate, which will be drawn during the celebration, and all Skinchanted products & merchandise will be discounted 10% for all of April.

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River Journal North caught up with owner Kerry Scardino to learn more about her business, her involvement in the community as well as her 10th anniversary celebration.

RJN: When did you start your business? Why?

Kerry: That’s great! It sounds like you have a passion for skincare and helping others. It’s important to educate people about skin health and offer tips and tricks to help them maintain healthy, beautiful skin. You may be wondering do eye massagers work and what the scientific evidence is behind their benefits but trust me it has been gaining popularity in recent years for eye care. They can be beneficial in reducing puffiness and dark circles by improving blood circulation around the eye area. Additionally, they can help reduce wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. To help determine whether an eye massager is right for you, it’s important to do your own research and consult with a skincare professional or healthcare provider.

My interest in waxing started in high school, when I would invite friends over for brow shaping and trimming. It was something I always had a knack for. I have also been interested in skin anomalies and waxing in particular since a family member was diagnosed with skin cancer when I was thirteen years old. Luckily, their recovery went smoothly, but left an impression on me. Since then, I have been a huge advocate for sunscreen. Skinchanted Spa’s doors were opened for pampering on April 4, 2012. After working at a MedSpa and Day Spa, I decided opening my own spa was something I would love to do. What started off as a small dream has blossomed into a flourishing business with employees and my first real-estate purchase five years ago, of course when I want to start a beauty business my skincare training starts at the esthetician school near me.

RJN: What made you choose your business’s location?

Kerry: For me, Peekskill was IT. I’m a bit of a funky-monkey and have always loved the artsy vibe of Peekskill and felt like Skinchanted would be a perfect fit here. The next five years supported that decision and were happily spent right next door to the Paramount Theater. Being so close to so many terrific businesses in the downtown area was a dream! In 2017, Skinchanted moved to a suite in the Highland Professional Center on Stowe Road in order to offer our client-friends more parking and a larger space.

RJN: What services/products do you offer?

Kerry: We offer a large array of services including facials, waxing, body treatments, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage massage, makeup applications for event/bridal and spray tan with many products from sites as Emeraldspa.com. I am also specialized in oncology esthetics, which addresses skincare needs during and post oncology treatments. At Skinchanted Spa, we use an all-natural and organic product line called Hylunia, which is free of alcohols, fragrance, and dyes. Skinchanted also believes in the holistic healing power of taking CBD oil. We carry teas, caramels, nasal mists, and even have our own dedicated Skinchanted CBD brand featuring flavored tinctures, gummies with cbd, salves, massage oils, bath bombs and more! Everything at Skinchanted aims to be the ‘healthiest’ and purest version of itself — eliminating chemicals, parabens, and synthetics, while focusing on anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.

RJN: Does your business give back to the community?

Kerry: Skinchanted has given back quite a bit in the last ten years with fundraiser raffles, community outreach, gifting personalized Skinchanted Sunscreens, and distributing over 1500 hand sanitizers during the height of the pandemic. We have also been involved with Support Connection’s “Support-a-Walk” since 2012 to raise local funds for breast and ovarian patients, among other charitable contributions.

RJN: How would you describe your company’s success so far?

Kerry: Skinchanted Spa’s success has been immense and life-changing! In ten years, we have had over 3500 clients walk through our doors and we feel very fortunate and humble that we continue to grow! We owe our success to our small community’s dedication and loyalty, and to our wonderfully kind clients. Starting with the pandemic, we increased engagement on our social media accounts (@SkinchantedSpa) with educational videos, giveaways, in-house promotions, and product discounts, while continuing to send out traditional email blasts. Our success during this trying time was due to our wonderful clients!

RJN: What is unique about your company?

Kerry: We practice what we preach and are authentically ourselves. For ten years, we have welcomed clients into our haven of relaxation and tranquility while taking a laid-back and friendly approach. We work hard to provide the best services with a friendly attitude and really appreciate and welcome feedback. At Skinchanted, we believe our clients are our friends and we strive to let their needs — whether they are services, mind, body, or spiritual relief — be our number one priority. Everything is done with intention and a nurturing attitude. We believe what you put into your body is reflected outward, and so we use all-natural and organic products in order to help everyone become the best versions of themselves.

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