News Flash: Schools Can Help Kids Shed Excess Pounds (No, Really?)

Fat kid cartoonYou mean schools don’t have to feed the masses corn-fed fish fried in fat served with a side of wonder bread and a “vegetable” (french fries)? If schools actually offered healthy, nutritious alternatives then we could see a reduction in the number of obese children and those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes?

NPR stated in an article today that “Researchers found that in schools where the exercise went up and the junk food went down, obesity rates declined, too.”

Um, really?

Did we really need to spend taxpayer money to do research on something like that? I’m floored that this article was first, written and secondly, is supposed to serve as some beacon of hope in an otherwise murky, underground world that didn’t realize feeding young children food with a list of ingredients most adults cannot pronounce was bad. This is something I expect from a third-world nation perhaps (wasn’t there a two-year old chain-smoking child in the villages of Indonesia in the news recently – the father claimed he didn’t know smoking was bad for his child. Ok, completely uneducated man living in a village all his life thinks smoking is ok, turns child onto it. This man isn’t checking the internet in his mud-hut on the effects of smoking… by the looks of it, he’s been doing it since he was two also). My point is this is not so majorly shocking coming from a small village that probably requires a plane, boat, ferry, canoe, and a 5 mile hike to get to. But here. In an educated country like ours, we’re not aware that feeding kids sugar and fat is bad for them? Shouldn’t we know that if we offer kids better choices and longer gym time, their health and weight will respond favorably.

“To see a change in something physiological from school-based study is really quite remarkable and should give us some sense of hope that we can begin to address this really important health issue of obesity and Type 2 diabetes — and all the complications that go along with it,” says Dr. Dan Cooper, a pediatrician at the University of California-Irvine and a principal investigator for the study.

They even quoted a doctor for the article, like we needed verification from a medical professional that this was true.

Cooper says school administrators are starting to show interest in the study.” Thank the high heavens, this is the proof they finally needed!

Moral of the story, feed your kids healthy foods (fruits and actual vegetables in their raw form) and make them play outside instead of on the computer. If you do, I betcha next month there will be an article claiming the benefits of active playtime on childhood obesity rates. (Shocking stuff!)

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