Fabulously Fit Blog Is Back!

Anne Marie Costanzo has been out on maternity leave and after surviving the initial shock during her first six weeks in the crazy new world of Mommyhood, she’s ready to make a comeback!

Armed with all sorts of new experiences, and a little wisdom picked up along the way, she hopes to share with her readers her own journey towards getting her bod back into shape (Goal 1: Getting back into a bikini by August) and to talk about how being in shape really is the best thing you can do for you and your baby.

But it won’t be all mommy-isms. She’s still got opinions on fast-food chains, the obesity epidemic and loads more to share with you and is looking forward to providing tips on how you can make fitness a bigger part of your life.

Join her every Tuesday at her Fabulously Fit blog for her weekly segment. And as always, share with her your experiences, thoughts and tips as you work together to build a healthier community!

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