Local Authors, Local Books: Ronnie Levine’s The Ice Cream Shop Detective

The new cover of my Tarrytown mystery novel, The Ice Cream Shop Detective, shows instantly that it’s all about art. My book was inspired by two separate experiences: doing copies of master paintings at the Metropolitan Museum […] Read more »

The Artist’s Eye: The Visual Pleasures of Old Buildings

Spending time looking at the old buildings of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow is a wonderful way to experience the quieter graciousness and beauty of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries […] Read more »

The Artist’s Eye, The Painted Portrait

What makes a portrait great? To me it’s the creation of a moment of life on canvas, when we see what appears to be a living and breathing person. To […] Read more »

The Artist’s Eye, Contemporary Art Has Real Problems and It’s Okay to Say So

I write this out of love for traditional art and love of the pleasure I see that it brings to others when I paint in public. Art has enjoyed protection […] Read more »

The Artist’s Eye, Paintings at Lyndhurst

Lyndhurst is a Gothic-style castle-like structure which seemed intimidating to me from a distance, yet somehow changed to warm and cheerful and welcoming as soon as I got close to […] Read more »

THE ARTIST’S EYE, Time To Brush Up

It’s nearly summer and the light, air and landscapes are achingly beautiful. If you have the soul of an artist and the work schedule of a lawyer, sales clerk or […] Read more »

The Artist’s Eye, Paintings at Kykuit

The dining room at Kykuit, including the portrait of “Junior;” in the distance are the Okada and the Stuart. Driving up the long, winding road on a foggy winter day, […] Read more »

The Artist’s Eye, Paintings at Kykuit – Part II

In the library at Kykuit is a portrait of Lincoln by Joseph Alexander Ames done in February, 1865, shortly before the assassination. It is one of the few that were […] Read more »