Further thoughts on Tax Certioraris

Dear Editor, I enjoyed Arnold Thiesfeldt’s recent article on Tax Certioraris. Allow me to add some further thoughts.  Many mistakenly assume that successfully grieving their Village of Tarrytown assessment will affect the... Read more »

In Tarrytown… Trust Has Been Torn

There is not a person in Tarrytown who hasn’t been touched in some way by the tragic deaths of DPW worker Anthony Ruggiero and his fellow firefighter friend John Kelly on Labor... Read more »
Robin Birrittella

Meaningful Moments – Reflections on a Friend

At times, we have all been guilty of excessive complaining, typically centering around how busy our lives have become. Between work, social engagements and the seemingly endless lists of to-dos that constitute... Read more »

Spotlight – John & Gertrude Arduino

Gertude & John Arduino Time spent in the company of wise and wonderful people is time well spent. Such was my good fortune when I visited with longtime local residents John and... Read more »

Reflections On Grandmothers And Being One

Grandparents like me have been accused of babbling endlessly on the subject of their grandchildren. In my defense I know that most offenders believe they have more than earned the right to... Read more »