Britian's royal family

Upon my tongue continual jeerings ride,
The which in every language I pronounce,
 Mocking the lives of Kings with benign words…

“Oooohh!” My colleagues Roberto and Lucy are looking at something on the internet. Not too difficult to guess what it is. I jump out of my seat and join them. Here they... Read more »

O my home my home, where art thou my home?

“You really look like a tourist”, my cousin giggles. She would say that. Standing behind the counter of her little pastry shop in the heart of Cannes, France, she is completely at... Read more »

Rude am I in my speech, And little blessed with the soft tones of the English.

I have discovered the truth about French rudeness. It happened one evening, as my English boyfriend and I were selecting our dinner from a very extensive menu of wraps in a little... Read more »

“When I was at home, was I in a better place?”

I’ve been lying to you. It’s the conclusion I came to a few days ago, as I was sitting, wide-eyed and embarrassed, at my work monitor. I had just failed at helping... Read more »

“I, in spite of travel, 
Of years, of country, credit, every thing,
To fall into the trap I had fear’d for so long!”

I had an idea for this blog post. I thought it was a good one, too. In a series of interviews, I would compare three similar food products, each representative of one... Read more »

French face must hide what the French mind doth know.

Julie doesn’t know. A French expatriate, Julie oversees the French literature section of the biggest independent bookstore in London. I work there as well, albeit in another department. We see each other... Read more »
My Kingdom for a Scone

“A scone! A scone! My kingdom for a scone!”

“I quite like scones.” Yulhee has her nose in a menu, and her eyes are shining with anticipation. We are sitting in a restaurant in Kensington Gardens, ordering afternoon tea with two... Read more »

“You taught me English, and my profit on’t/Is, I must learn again”

There are tricks for a foreigner to sound like a native speaker. Two important ones I learned while in Tarrytown concern the letters T and R. When in the middle of a... Read more »

Gallery du Soleil

Jean-Claude Canfin in his Gallery du Soleil The sun seems to approve of the arrival of Gallery du Soleil: its rays shine on colorful paintings and on large windows, enlightening Main Street.... Read more »