Air, Earth, Water, Humanity: This Wall Says It All  

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? For yourself and your loved ones, for our community and the world? These are the questions Kersten Harries and Diana Loja asked their village of Sleepy Hollow in August.   In 2019, Harries and Loja organized the first Sleepy […] Read more »

Harvest Happenings & Hauntings – A Horn of Plenty of Things to Do to Celebrate Fall 

The lower Hudson Valley is spectacular in the fall. Especially October, when it seems to be in its most natural state—crisp, colorful, a little spooky, and full of fun. While the fall […] Read more »

Coming Across Culture High Across the Hudson

There’s something about a bridge.   Maybe it’s the way it seems to defy structural logic. Maybe it’s the way it makes you feel momentarily airborne, both safe and unsafe every time you cross it.  There’s something about art. About huge pieces […] Read more »

DIY Summer Camp

This summer is going to be different for everyone, especially for young people who will be missing out on summer camp. What better time than now for kids to explore […] Read more »

A Multi-sensory Haven Teaches Mindfulness and Confidence 

Zen Zone Sensory Gym, located in Croton-on-Hudson, is an indoor play and learning space for children of all abilities and learning styles.   To my 5-year-old son Roan, it is known […] Read more »

Women Who Made History – Part 3: Crystal Eastman  

A Brilliant Crystal of Many Facets  [Ed. Note: This is the final article in a three-part series — profiling local luminaries of the past three centuries — that began in […] Read more »

Women Who Made History – Part 2: Harriet Green

This is the second of a three-part series saluting extraordinary individuals who are representative of historic contributions the past three centuries made by countless women while living in our River […] Read more »

Women Who Made History – Part 1: Deborah Sampson

She Morphed Her Gender to Match Her Agenda  Massachusetts-born Deborah Sampson (1760-1827) was one of seven children, and when her father was “lost at sea” (he actually abandoned his family and moved to […] Read more »

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Help the Planet: How to Make an Entire Zip Code Carbon Neutral in 20 Years 

“How many cars do you drive?” our neighbors asked. And later, “How much red meat do you eat?”   My children slurped their lentil soup and stared at our lunch guests.  […] Read more »

Strong as Sampson – She Morphed Her Gender to Match Her Agenda

[Ed. Note: In recognition of Women’s History Month, RJN kicks off in our March issue a multi-part series saluting Wom-en Who Made History Here.] Massachusetts-born Deborah Sampson (1760-1827) was one […] Read more »