Preparing for the New “Normal”

It’s hard to believe that we are 15 months into the Covid-19 pandemic. I hear from patients and friends that every memory of the past year and a half seems both like... Read more »

Teenage Anxiety in the Era of Covid

We are living in unprecedented times. In the throes of a global pandemic we are also facing political turmoil, with an attack on the Capitol and a president impeached twice in one... Read more »

Coping with Coronavirus: Don’t Ignore Your Mental Health

As I write this, we are in the throes of the COVID-19 crisis and people are staying in as much as possible. Businesses are taking unplanned vacations, meaning lost income, and restaurants... Read more »

Gender Identity and Gender Roles in a Changing Landscape

I recently got into a discussion about gender identity and gender roles with someone who was confused over the apparent increase in young people identifying with issues such as being transgender, gender... Read more »

When Choosing a School, Listen to Your Heart

This is the time of year when most twelfth graders are getting college applications ready and the anxiety can be palpable. In a place like Westchester, many kids are coming from homes of the... Read more »

When Day-to-Day Stress Takes Hold 

Over the past couple of years, my colleagues and I have talked about our practices being beyond full.  It’s a nice problem to have, but it’s also disconcerting to think that there is an... Read more »

Tripping Over History – A River Journal Writer’s First-Person Account of the Notre Dame Fire

We don’t usually write about events that take place in other states much less other countries. But when Barbara Kapetanakes, a River Journal contributor and PsyD. who practices psychotherapy in Sleepy Hollow,... Read more »

Launching to School

I have been in practice for 20 years, and one of my specialties is working with adolescents and young adults in transition to college. I have seen dozens of twelfth graders and... Read more »

Teenagers and Sexting – More Common than You Think 

In an unfortunate coincidence since my last article regarding Internet safety (, we had an issue at one of our local high schools of teens being solicited by an unknown person to send... Read more »

What is Cyber Bullying Really?

  Most of us remember being teased or even bullied as children, or we were aware of other kids being bullied. The aggressor generally needed an audience, and the audience was usually limited by the... Read more »