5 Reasons to Start Exercising Today!

Girl holding weightsYou know you should do it but you think, “Would it really matter if I hold off one more week? I have that party coming up this weekend and I love a good party!” I understand, you want to be able to enjoy yourself and you think you’ll have to count your calories which will place those yummy little pigs in a blanket on the ‘Do Not Eat’ list, along with a whole host of other party foods. But then what about the next week? There is that other event, or a trip, or you’re going to the dentist and that always stresses you out. You name it and it’s an excuse. It’s another reason to put off starting your new fitness lifestyle.


Well hopefully I’m about to put an end to that. Below is a small list I compiled about why you should start exercising, and the sooner the better because this list, it’s a good list! And I can guarantee that once you start with your exercise program, it will make you feel so much better than any amount of little pigs in a blanket can!

Healthier bones. Exercising increases your bone density and as women, we know we are more prone than men in developing osteoporosis. With strength training, you are building up your bones which is a huge, ginormous benefit for when you get older. A small slip or fall can land you in the hospital if you have weak, fragile bones. But healthy, hearty bones are going to save you from going to the hospital, which in turn saves you from insurance companies and large payments. (So I could also add saves money to this list!)

No more sick days. Always getting sick? Every winter can you count on a cold keeping you in bed for a couple of days? Regular exercise helps to build up your immune system so you’re not under the weather as much. And wouldn’t you rather be creating a sweat exercising than being stuck in bed with a fever?

Smiling. And who doesn’t want to smile more? Our mood elevates from exercise because our body is releasing all sorts of happy hormones which help us to smile and laugh more. Some studies even suggest that people suffering from depression can really benefit from regular exercise, so much so that medication may not be needed anymore. (I’m not saying throw away your medication though, always consult a doctor before making any changes. I guarantee you though that your doctor will support you in starting an exercise program.)

Feeling fabulous. After about two weeks of regular exercise, you should start noticing small changes in your body. Maybe a pair of pants feel a little less snug, or that little black dress is fitting better. Whatever it is, it will make you feel fabulous, not only in how you look, but in what you were able to accomplish. That good feeling is addictive, and feeling fabulous is something we should all be able to experience, everyday. It’s a major step in the right direction towards building up your confidence.

Better sex. Yup, regular exercise can help put a little magic back into the bedroom! Improved muscle strength and toning, increased endurance and enhanced cardiovascular function all work together to make up one harmonious symphony in the bedroom. Need I say more?

So there is my list of reasons why you should start your new fitness lifestyle today. I could easily add-on about 20 more reasons, but I think you get the point. Feeling healthier and sexier are reasons that can not be denied.

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