Warrior Rising — a Personal Training Session and Yoga Practice in One

Warrior Rising What happens when you cross a personal trainer’s passion for fitness with a yoga instructor’s love of contemplative practice?  In the case of yoga teacher Sarah Rubin and personal trainer Anne Marie Costanzo, you get Warrior Rising, an integrated 4-week program that is more than just a fitness or yoga class.

This innovative fitness-and-mindfulness program for women includes all the elements of strength training and yoga, in twice-a-week 90 minute sessions.  A heart-pumping, sweat-inducing workout is followed by a constant flow of yoga movements designed to stretch and strengthen body and mind.  Each session ends with a deep relaxation.  In addition, participants are given the opportunity to reflect on their own wellness journey, both as a group and through the Warrior Rising blog at www.WarriorRising.com.

Sarah, a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and Level III Reiki practitioner, and Anne Marie,  an ACE-certified personal trainer, joined forces in October of 2010 and by January 2011, Warrior Rising had its first pilot run. Sarah says, “Even though we come from slightly different worlds – fitness and yoga – we realized right away that our goals are aligned: to work with women on gaining physical strength while connecting them to their inner strength; to invite our clients to unleash their inner warrior, if you will.”

With these goals in mind, Warrior Rising was designed as a 4-week program instead of an on-going drop-in class because as Sarah and Anne Marie believe, the value of working intensively with the same small group of women is what helps to build a strong sense of community, which helps create momentum for making healthier choices in daily life.

“Warrior Rising really is a great jump-start towards living a stronger, healthier life. This is an opportunity for women to come together to sweat, stretch and push their own limits in a supportive and fun environment. When those ‘feel good’ hormones start pumping through your body, that’s when there is a mental shift and the impossible in your life starts to seem very possible,” says Anne Marie.

Here’s what past warriors have had to say about their experiences:

Warrior Rising was an amazing way to return to a fitness routine, both physical and mental, after having my children. The benefits were great and felt across many areas of my life!

~ Kristi ~

I think of Sarah and Anne Marie every day, because they inspired me to make up and stick to a short yoga/strengthening routine I do daily, no matter how busy I am.  I  loved their enthusiasm and energy!  The class was fun, challenging, and a wonderful balance of yoga and aerobics. ~ Patricia ~

Warrior Rising is set to open at The Purple Crayon in Hastings-on-Hudson starting the first week in October. Please contact Sarah and Anne Marie at info@warriorrising.com for more information or visit their website at www.WarriorRising.com.

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