He’s One of the Best, Working to Get Better

Croton-Harmon wrestler Henry Martin set a school record with his 42-3 won-loss regular season

Henry Martin stands out not just on the wrestling mat but also in life. Known for his exceptional skills as a wrestler, he’s more than just his athletic prowess,” says William Thom, Interim Athletic Director at Croton-Harmon High School, where Henry is in the Class of 2025.   

Henry’s 7th place finish in the recent All-State finals is the best showing ever statewide for a Croton-Harmon grappler. A staggering 42-3 won-loss mark this past regular season is another school record Henry owns. He was a Con Edison Athlete of the Month. Now in his third year of wrestling, he also played linebacker on the football squad as a freshman and sophomore. 

He’s also dedicated to community service, particularly as a Boy Scout, which he’s been since age 8. Henry is in the process of completing his Eagle Scout project by constructing an outdoor educational platform at Teatown Lake Reservation. He also volunteers for numerous civic organizations, including Lions Club, Croton Food Bank, Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church and Asbury United Methodist Church  

Then there’s Henry the scholar, with a 3.6 unweighted GPA (grade point average).

“Beyond academics, his leadership shines through in how he motivates his teammates, offering support and guidance, and leading by example,” says Croton-Harmon Head Wrestling Coach Joe Bucello. “Henry’s ability to balance the demands of being a top athlete with his responsibilities as a student and leader showcases his extraordinary dedication and character. In every aspect of his life, Henry Martin is truly phenomenal, setting a high bar for what it means to be a student-athlete and a leader.”

Henry Martin with father Chris, mother Jane, and sister Phoebe, a 9th grader who plays junior varsity soccer and lacrosse

Q+A with Henry Martin

River Journal North (RJN) > At what age did you start playing sports?

Henry Martin (HM) > I did Brazilian jiu jitsu at Renzo Gracie starting at age 7. [Mom’s note: Henry had severe grass allergies when he was little and couldn’t participate in outdoor sports. He started wrestling in high school.] 

RJN > How do you motivate yourself? 

HM > I try to focus on getting better every day. When I do that and enjoy the process, the sport becomes fun and that’s enough to motivate me. 

RJN > How do you manage your time? 

HM > I try to finish schoolwork throughout the week. I learned the hard way that procrastinating doesn’t work when I’m juggling so many things. I enjoy time with my family because they’re my support system, aside from my coaches. During wrestling season, there’s no parties, no hanging out with friends, so you make those relationships in the wrestling room and that serves as your social circle outside of school for those four months. 

RJN > What is the most rewarding part of athletics for you? 

HM > The culmination of your hard work. You feel it pay off and there’s no better feeling in the world than knowing you worked as hard as you could and have that translate to success.  

RJN > Who has inspired you? 

HM > My coaches and family. My coaches keep me accountable and push me hard to get to where I want to be athletically, and my family builds me up emotionally. My father puts his all into building my self-confidence. His support was critical during my season because I ran into a lot of self-doubt and worry that was all in my head. He helped me ground myself in the moment, acknowledge the hard work that I put in, and shut out the part of my mind telling me I was inadequate.  

RJN > What is your most satisfying single achievement? 

HM > Placing at the New York State wrestling championship. I’m now one of the best 152-pound wrestlers in New York. You realize the guys you are standing with also are the best in New York, and are from places 200 miles away. I’ve begun to appreciate that achievement more and more, and I’m satisfied with it, but I still want more for myself next season. 

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  1. I personally don’t know Henry but I do know that he gives hope to all the young people of our community that our strength as a Village and our country is in their hands. Congratulations to Henry and his family. Mary Cain

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