Being the Best Bowler Is How Ethan Bromley Rolls

Among his many awards is 1st Place Champion in the statewide Pepsi Youth Tournament.

Ethan Bromley, son of Maria and Michael Bromley, is a senior at Hendrick Hudson High School whom Tom Baker, Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics for Hendrick Hudson School District, calls, “Quite simply, the best bowler in Section One. He has led the team to back-to-back Section One Championships. As a junior, he placed in the top 3 at the State Championships with his totals. He has a chance to capture a state championship this year.”   

Ethan has been on the Hen Hud Varsity Boys Bowling team since 2018 and has been Team Captain since 2021. His list of individual honors stretches the length of a bowling lane. For the Westchester Junior Bowlers Tour (JBT), he was High Game Champion with a perfect score of 300, and was 1st Place Champion three times. He also bowled 300 in the Cortlandt Lanes Junior League. Plus, he was 1st Place Champion in the New York State Pepsi Youth Tournament.   

Said Baker: “It has been a pleasure to see Ethan grow into the young leader he is today.  He is a talented bowler who has worked extremely hard at his craft.  I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for Ethan as he finishes his senior year and then beyond.  His work ethic, character and leadership bode well for his future.”  

Q+A with Ethan Bromley 

River Journal North (RJN) > At what age did you start playing sports?
Ethan Bromley (EB) > About 5 years old. I lived in Mahopac at the time. Nothing really stuck for me athletics-wise until I started school bowling, and the Cortlandt Juniors League at Cortlandt Lanes shortly after. 

RJN > How do you motivate yourself?
EB > Through constant practice and effort. If I take too long a break from practicing, I feel like my motivation could slip. I also keep my motivation up by going to local or regional tournaments and seeing friends and peers in rigorous competition. 

RJN > How do you manage your time? 
EB > I’m not great at that. I’ve mostly gotten through my days thanks to the help of my family and teachers, who make sure I am up-to-date on my assignments and my bowling practice. It’s a little easier to keep a routine this year because of my many obligations, keeping me busy and my feet moving. 

RJN > What is the most rewarding part of athletics?
EB > The friendships and communities you build from shared passion. The friends I’ve made through bowling, whether through school, league, or tournaments across the nation, are some of the most engaging people I have ever met, and meeting such wonderful people makes the rigorous process of athletics worth it. 

RJN > Who has inspired you?
EB > My mother is the main person who has kept me on track of my goals. Whenever I am in a mental trap, whether it be an episode of procrastination on an assignment or a difficult challenge at the alley, my mom has always been able to get my head out of the funk and keep me focused. It also helps that she gets me everywhere I need to be for tournaments across the US, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. 

RJN > What is your most satisfying single achievement?
EB > My Pepsi State Finals Tournament victory last April (2023). I had started to feel many doubts about my own ability on the lanes. I proved my own doubts wrong with that win, showing those around me, and more importantly myself, that I can succeed, and that I can make my dreams come true. 

RJN > How would you describe your experience as a student-athlete?
EB > Through the many people I’ve met and grown relationships with, through the many achievements I am lucky enough to have accomplished, my student-athlete experience from Day 1 has been nothing short of magical.


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