Oh, The Places Your Mail has Gone: A History of The Hartsdale Post Office

Illustration by Felicia Barber

Neither, rain and sleet nor snow used to get in the way of delivering the mail to the residents of Hartsdale (that was years ago when the Postal Service was more reliable), but, depending on what year it was, you may not have known where to pick up your mail.

As shown on the first map of Westchester County prepared in 1835, the original Hartsdale Post office resided in a building constructed in 1712. The building was located at Hart’s corners near the intersection of Hillcrest Avenue and Washington Avenue. The name of this post office was Morningville and it operated from 1840-1861.

At this time many buildings in the area were named for either John Hart or his brother Robert Hart. However, the reason the post office was given the name Morningville and not named after the Hart family, was because since the Hart family was one of the richest in the area, many other families were jealous of their wealth. Therefore, it was given this name because jealous citizens didn’t want yet another building named for the Hart family.

In 1870, the original train station became the post office. At the time the Station Master, John Morse, was also the Post Master. It served as the post office, until 1898 when it burned down. Then it moved into a house across the street. This House served as the post office from 1908 until July of 1926. In July of 1926 its new home was 207 East Hartsdale Ave, then the address of Frank H. Assenbeck’s Grocery Store with which it shared a residence.  It stayed there until April of 1952.

Its Current location is 441 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY where it has been for more than 45 years.

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