SHIFF Update: Film Submissions Around the Corner

Sleepy Hollow Film FestivalIn the month since co-founders Taylor White, Matt Verboys and Dale Cunningham announced the Sleepy Hollow International Film Festival (SHIFF), which will take place in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown on Oct 10-13, they’ve returned with some exciting updates. 

The Festival’s official website ( will launch the week of February 11 and begin accepting feature-length and short film submissions. “We’re thrilled to start viewing what we know will be an amazing field of projects,” said Matt Verboys. “The only requirement as far as creative content will be the film must in some way touch on the unknown.” Dale Cunningham adds, “Anything with a hint of the supernatural from fantasy or horror to comedy will be considered.”  

Awards will range from Best Picture to Best Director, Best Breakthrough Performance, Best Score and more. 

“We really want to honor the deep and historic wellspring of creativity that Sleepy Hollow has been to writers of every stripe throughout the ages, and that very much includes screenwriters,” says Taylor White. “So we’re pleased to announce that SHIFF has included an Unproduced Screenplay Competition as well.” 

Anyone can submit their unproduced screenplays via the website and the winner will receive a Best Unproduced Screenplay award at the festival. 

Both the film and screenplay submissions will be screened and read by SHIFF’s selection committee, which includes industry credited filmmakers and writers. 

For more information on SHIFF, visit and read for more updates! 


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