Top Five Techniques For Lightweight BJJ Practitioners

Helio Gracie found that jiu-jitsu better caters to larger or taller individuals. So, he created Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Since then, the Gracie family has kept his dream alive. To better understand some techniques, look at the methods and courses of Dean Lister, BJJ sporting champion.

That said, if you are a lightweight in BJJ and probably wear gear like the ones on BJJ gear online, here are some of the best techniques that you can use against larger opponents.

Scissor Sweep

The whole idea of this move is to get out of a sticky situation. If you find your opposition on top of you, all you do is grab your competitor’s collar with your left hand. With your other hand, you will catch the sleeve of your challenger’s left hand.

Now you will need to kick your opponent’s left knee to cause loss of balance and, at the same time, flip your opponent to the side. The scissor sweep is an easy move to master with little effort. You will be able to gain control of the match, even though your rival is larger than you.

Cross Collar Choke

Known as Helio’s favorite move. You will strangle your opponent so take care not to cause injury. Grab your competitor’s collar with each hand so that your hands cross over each other.

Next, you pull your opponent’s neck as close to your chest as possible. You will need to use all your body weight to put pressure on your opponent’s neck.

Straight Arm Drill

All you do is put one knee over your opponent’s neck and the other knee over your opponent’s belly. Now you need to hold your contenders one hand with all your strength. This move can transition into an armbar.

A significant aspect of this move is that if you get overpowered and have done the right way, you will be able to do an armbar even if your opponent has picked you up.


Also known as the bullfighter pass. This move will allow you to get complete control of the fight so you can throw some punches or opt for a submission.

If your opponent is on the floor, you grip both legs by the ankles. Your opponent will try to kick you back, but as that happens, you let go of one leg, and you throw your body onto your opponent.

As you fall, you will need to slip one arm under your opponent’s neck. If done correctly, you will have one hand firmly gripped onto your opponent’s ankle and one behind the neck.

Rear-Naked Choke

The rear-naked choke is the most common chokeholds that anyone can do. Once you are behind your challenger, all you do is slip your dominant arm underneath your opponent’s chin.

You will need to get your elbow parallel to your rival’s chin, and now, you take your other hand and clasp as hard as possible. You will need to ensure that you don’t pull towards your opponent’s chin instead, pull downwards to put pressure on the neck.

BJJ is a lot like regular Jui-Jitsu, and learning the basics is not as complicated as you might think. The moves mentioned above are also excellent choices for beginners. So, even if you have only just made the new year’s resolution to get fit by competing in this exciting combat sport, these moves are still suitable options to start practicing.

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