Support Connection Announces Ambassadors for Annual Support-A-Walk

Janet Fletcher

Support Connection, Inc. announced the selection of the Walk Ambassadors for their Annual Support-A-Walk which will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

The Walk brings attention to the needs of people affected by breast, ovarian, and gynecological cancer and raises funds for Support Connection’s free counseling and other support services for those affected by these diseases. Walk Ambassadors are cancer survivors who share their personal stories to illustrate the spirit and purpose of this uplifting annual event.

Janet Fletcher (Ossining, NY), Ovarian Cancer Survivor: Like many women with ovarian cancer, Janet’s story began with an array of confusing and seemingly unrelated symptoms – gastric issues and pelvic pain amongst them. In February 2019, an ultrasound revealed evidence of tumors in her right ovary. A subsequent CA125 blood test indicated ovarian cancer, and an MRI supported this. After surgery to remove a tumor the size of a softball, Janet underwent a radical hysterectomy and had 27 lymph nodes removed; 26 tested positive for cancer. Biopsies confirmed that she had Stage 3C ovarian cancer, and so began two hospital stays and an 18 week course of weekly chemotherapy.

It was an exhausting and trying time, to say the least. Janet had family members who rallied around to help with meals and practical matters. But she needed help coping with her diagnosis, as do most women. Janet’s contact with Support Connection began the same day she received her CA 125 results. Distraught after receiving the news while at work, Janet turned to a colleague; that colleague had used our services and encouraged Janet to call.

In that first call Janet connected with a Peer Counselor who became a lifeline. From that point forward, Support Connection provided Janet with the guidance and strength she needed: “A diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer terrified me. My life plans blew up in one brief phone call. The insightful, affirming, and tender support I received from Support Connection’s counselors carried me through the greatest trial of my life. They’re still there for me in every way I need, three years later.”

Janet feels Support Connection’s many services were critically important throughout her journey. She says: “As much as surgery and chemotherapy saved my body from ovarian cancer, Support Connection saved my psyche and soul through their one-on-one counseling, support groups, therapeutic exercise, art, and social activities. I’m blessed to have found them.”

To give back for the help she received, Janet volunteers as a support group facilitator and says: “I am delighted to be a Walk Ambassador because I want to give back to the organization that has helped me so profoundly.”

Janet hopes that by sharing her story she will inspire people to participate in this year’s Support-A-Walk and raise funds: “The Walk is a healthy, life-affirming way to sustain an organization unique for the range of its offerings, and the intimate, caring support it provides.”

Ebony Joy Igbinoba

Ebony-Joy Igbinoba (Alpharetta, GA), Breast Cancer Survivor: Ebony-Joy was only 38 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2019. She was on her own raising two small children, in kindergarten and 1st grade. After learning that Ebony-Joy had a family history of breast cancer, her new doctor advised her to go for a mammogram and ultrasound “just in case.” The tests revealed 2 tumors in each of Ebony-Joy’s breasts.

Ebony-Joy had a bilateral mastectomy, lymph node removal and reconstructive surgery. In addition to 3 of the 4 tumors testing positive for breast cancer, there was also cancer in her lymph nodes. She soon embarked on a long course of treatment. Her chemotherapy continued until April 2020, then radiation continued until June 2020. Ebony-Joy had the added challenge of coping with treatment and recovery at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ebony-Joy received long-distance support from family members and friends who all lived out-of-state but did everything they could to lend a hand. She also had help with meals, childcare, carpool, laundry, and house cleaning from her local church community, as well as families from her children’s schools. But it was still incredibly hard: “It was really stressful just managing treatment and taking care of my kids, and then the fear of COVID started. I felt alone, but I also didn’t want to put a load on anyone.”

Ebony-Joy first reached out to Support Connection in February 2020 by submitting a website form asking to connect with a counselor. She is very grateful to have connected with that counselor: “She truly is an angel. I’ve known her for 2 years. When I see an email from her my spirit is full of joy. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone like her to check in. I thought strength was doing everything alone. She has shown me there is amazing power in asking for help.”

Ebony-Joy has also utilized other Support Connection services to help her cope, such as yoga and educational webinars: “Having cancer is hard. Going through it during the pandemic seemed impossible. I have learned that what makes me a superwoman is my strength. However, the tears and leaning on others make me even stronger.”

Ebony-Joy is honored to be a Walk Ambassador. A resident of Georgia, she looks forward to walking in her own community, and she is excited to invite friends and family in other states to also raise funds and walk where they are. She says: “Participating in the walk will bring awareness to the services that Support Connection offers to families experiencing cancer. They provide individualized peer support and a wide array of resources to empower cancer patients/survivors and their families battling cancer.”

Ebony-Joy adds: “We can all work together to bring attention to and raise funds for the services Support Connection provides to families battling cancer, to ensure no one fights alone.”

To donate to the Support-A-Walk, or to learn how to participate or fundraise, visit  or contact us: call 914-962-6402 or email

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