Northwell Health Launches The Well

Striving to demystify medicine and connect consumers with personalized content they can use to make informed health care decisions, Northwell Health today announced the launch of The Well, a health-focused editorial platform committed to promoting wellness through journalistic-style editorial features, the sharing of authentic community voices and having experts answer the thorniest – and oftentimes personal – medical questions in a straightforward and approachable way.

The Well was launched as an ongoing testament to Northwell Health’s commitment to the future of health care. In an era where publicly available health information is unreliable, unhelpful and/or unreadable, The Well is committed to connecting directly with its audience to provide actionable medical and wellness information as well as a platform for the community to share their own stories.

While The Well includes content of interest to both sexes, studies show women bear an unequal burden of stress regarding household and community care, from their own health to the well-being of immediate family members and other loved ones. The Well’s mission is to serve as a guide during that health care journey, informing the family’s “chief medical officer” as they navigate that crucial – and often difficult – responsibility.

The Well publishes essays, long form journalism, first-person narratives as well as original video programming, original photography and interactive graphic content on a range of timely topics as told by the patients themselves, medical professionals committed to healthy communities and delivered by an editorial team of award-winning journalists.

“We realize that health care has never been more complex, with consumers becoming overloaded with information that is often inaccurate, unhelpful or difficult to understand,” said Ramon Soto, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer at Northwell. “ThroughThe Well, Northwell is on a mission to make a difference in people’s lives as an honest, trusted and caring partner by providing a smart, engaging and truthful look at medical issues, from life-threatening illnesses to routine body maintenance.”

Recurring features – including “Dear Doctor,” “Day in the Life” and “True Story” – allow readers a glimpse into medical issues (and the personal, familial and social issues that arise in their wake) as seen from the perspective of physicians, patients and caregivers. The editorial team behind The Well hopes to provide a roadmap for the most challenging medical crossroads and expert advice through its network of accomplished health experts.

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