It’s Time to Move it Move it

The author after finishing the Run for Brad 5K in Central Park.

The pandemic has “forced” many to take their exercise out on the road, to a park or anywhere they find in the area to get out and be one with nature. Some enjoy walking and running on the trails, discovering the beauty around them, while others enjoy a stroll by the river or in the neighborhood, waving to neighbors from afar.

The pandemic has been a challenging time to figure out how to keep moving with shortages across the board from bikes to weights to running shoes. There were days when I would try to be creative. Whether it was too cold, or snowing, I would dig out my snow shoes and take a little walk around the neighborhood, strenuous exercise for sure. Some days I would bundle up and head out for a run or walk around town.

Pam Harrison finishing a virtual half marathon.

One of our customers, Pam Harrison, mentioned she had regained her love of running during the pandemic. After Pam gave up running the first time, she became a speed walker. Thanks to her renewed passion for running, Pam lost a lot of weight during the pandemic. A very impressive accomplishment considering many people gained the “Covid 15” over the past year.

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