Help Your Kids Embrace Mask-Wearing

As COVID-19 ripples across the global population, the active practices of mask-wearing and social distancing are vital in order to control the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, it is a common practice for parents to wear masks and bring their children along without coverings for their faces.

It is imperative that children partake in wearing masks, as it is counterproductive for only certain members of a family to do so. If a child contracts the virus or acts as a carrier, the other members of the household will likely fall ill, making the parents’ use of the mask pointless.

Full commitment to preventative measures is the only way people can protect both themselves and others from causing the cases to rise, and kids need to be part of the bigger picture.

Wearing a mask protects both the person wearing it and the people surrounding that person from transmitting the virus. If kids do not get in the habit of wearing masks, the repercussions when it comes to their families and communities will be detrimental.

Although mask-wearing is not the most comfortable, there are ways to make the new necessity feel more like an accessory.

Many people are turning to brands such as Hoo-rag to stock up on durable face coverings coupled with a stylish appearance. Hoo-rag was founded in 2012, and their headwear known as “Hoo-rags” are known for being multipurpose, multi-colored, and fashionable.

Originally created for athletes, the bandanas were made to be worn as face cover masks, neck gaiters, headbands, sun protection masks, and a variety of other coverings. Disposable masks are wasteful and tedious to re-stock and as the summer hits and certain places re-open, it is important that people invest in sustainable and breathable masks, such as those provided by Hoo-rag.

If children are given the opportunity to pick out their own masks with their preferred choice of color or pattern, it is more likely that they will feel motivated to wear a mask and will feel positively reinforced to help keep others safe with their new headwear.

Adapting to the reality of COVID-19 has not been an easy transition, but with encouragement and practice, children can play an important role in flattening the curve. It is far easier for a young mind to develop and practice a new habit, so parental influence when it comes to their children wearing masks is extremely important and cannot be overlooked.

Children tend to abide by morals and if parents enlighten them regarding individual responsibility when it comes to protecting others from the virus, there is no doubt that they will want to do their best and participate.

If everyone takes the time to educate family members on the practices of virus prevention, the collective effort will be beneficial to the communities that embrace these practices. Habits start at home, and parent-child collaboration is key when it comes to families doing their part and wearing masks in public.

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