Happiness Is: The Chakras are in Town?

This category of “New Age” items goes into that area of “the things we know that we don’t know.” The first time I ever heard this word was at a health fair. There was a booth, and someone told me to put my hand on this machine and that they could read my auras. Auras? We will save that for another time. So, being obedient I put my hand on the machine and the first thing the woman said to me was, “oh my, you see all this red all over the place? You are not grounded.” Umm not grounded? I certainly heard over the years that I was a bit of an air head at times so was this the same thing? A clear picture of being an air head?

When I had some time which equated into not doing laundry, cooking for my 3 puppies, cleaning the house, my children, your children – you get the picture, I looked up these “chakra” things and here is what I found: The only thing we really know about the chakras is that they form a mythical bridge between heaven and earth, mind and body, spirit and matter and the past and future. And by the way they are not so New Age. The earliest knowledge of chakras goes back to Vedas (Knowledge) in 1500 BCE.

Relentless in my pursuit of, what do they have to do with me? I read that there are seven chakras that take in energy in our bodies. The first is the root chakra and yes, it is red and our connection to nature and to the Earth. The second chakra is orange and has to do with our creativity and sexuality, the third is our solar plexus, yellow, which is the center of who we are. Then moving up we have the fourth chakra, the heart, the color is green, and is all about love and forgiveness. It doesn’t stop there, folks. There is the fifth chakra which has to do with how we communicate, the color is blue. Then we have the sixth chakra with a beautiful color of indigo, which is referred to as our third eye, where our psychic ability lies. Last but certainly not least, is the seventh chakra which some believe is pink or a combination of golds and sparkling silver, that represents not only our spirituality, but get this, our ability to travel to other dimensions.

It seems that chakras are believed to be spinning wheels of energy that make up the repeated patterns of our own lives. How we respond and have responded to everything that goes on around us and the lives we have lived before. Chakras are the patterns of our consciousness, our belief systems where we create and experience our personal world. But wait! Again, what does this have to do with us? With me?

To maintain health and wellness on all levels the chakras should be clear of any obstacles that will prevent chi (energy) from flowing through our body. What our goal should be is not just taking our vitamins every day but rather keeping these chakras clear so they can have a positive influence on our lives. If a chakra is “blocked” things start to become unbalanced mentally, physically and spiritually.

To sum this all up, if you are feeling a little anxious, or a little like an air head, carrying a resentment or two, or maybe just off the beam and you don’t know why you probably should try and find a good energy healer and get those babies cleared.

Shima Chayvet is the owner of Universal Healing Arts, a Reiki master teacher and healer, an ordained minister, certified in holistic health, and owner of infinite Possibilities. She practices in Cortlandt Manor at 4 Crestview Ave., and can be reached on 914-737-HEAL (4325).  Her websites are universalhealingarts.com and iploseweight.com.


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