Empower through Movement Beyond the Dance Studio

Dance is a stress- and worry-free escape offering individuals with disabilities autonomy in their own learning. The most subtle movement, such as circling one arm, expands and contracts muscles that these individual’s may not exercise daily. As motor skills are improved, their confidence and independence flourish as well. Services like dance choreography can be availed for people who want to improve their movements.

Sarah Greene, Founder of Human Illustration, strives to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities through movement. Covid-19 altered people’s daily routines and schedules. As a society, we had to adapt quickly and get comfortable with various virtual platforms. After Greene found out her in-person dance class at Saratoga Bridges, a not-for-profit organization serving people with disabilities, would be cut short, Human Illustration was born.

Greene’s students continue to inspire her each and every class. “As a dance educator I must be prepared to transpose my lesson plans to any environment while keeping in mind my goal and purpose: to educate,” Greene states. Various organizations that advocate for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are thrilled about Human Illustration. Greene is an energetic entrepreneur who is ready to share the joy of dance and give people the opportunity to express their artistry.

Human Illustration was born during the Covid-19 pandemic. Greene realized her previous teaching experience at Saratoga Bridges could be extremely beneficial on an easily accessible virtual platform. Human Illustration is a 12-week program consisting of online dance classes for individuals with disabilities. HI is committed to giving all of their students a high caliber experience. We strive to enable our students to reach their fullest potential and be proud of who they are every day. humanillustration.com/ 

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