What You Can Do to Give Back During a Global Pandemic

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With the worldwide pandemic hitting us badly, all the activities of our lives have faced a major change, and things have seemed to turn upside down.

People belonging not only to the middle class, but the upper class of the society have also been stuck in some major financial and physical losses. But the class that has been affected the most during this drastic time is the lower class of our society.

People all over the world have to go through the loss of their friends, family, and hard-earned money as almost every business went economically down during this time. People lost their jobs, and many go to bed hungry.

This is why the only way we can be able to survive one of the most challenging periods for humanity is by helping and supporting each other out in every possible manner.

If you do not really know what you can do at your end to serve humanity, here are some of the ideas through which you can give back during a global pandemic.

Use Your Skills

If you want to be helpful to people in this time and do not know how you can do that, one of the easiest ways is to be creative and use your skills to teach other people too.

For example, if you know how to face masks, one of the major and easiest things you can do is sew personalized COVID kits with face masks and then donate them to people who cannot afford to or send them to hospitals and health care centers for their protection.

Similarly, if you know some skills like cooking, dancing, etc., you can make videos or teach these skills on any virtual platforms over the internet. This will potentially give someone the chance to learn a new skill or just watch something interesting during this hard time when so many people are stuck at home.


One of the most significant things that are needed during this global pandemic are donations to the less privileged or needy people.

Due to this major shock hitting the economy, many people are out of jobs and therefore are experiencing really hard economic times. They have no way to support themselves or their family.

You can donate money, food, clothes, or anything that can help them in this time to provide them proper support.

You can reach such needy people by starting in your community or nearest areas, or you can donate to a reputable charity organization that will provide your donations to the needy people. Business entities can also send Donor Advised Funds to different charitable organizations.

Give Blood

Since a lot of people are suffering from major health issues due to COVID, what doctors and health care centers need right now are blood donations.

By donating blood, you can help thousands of patients that would benefit from a blood transfusion.  As with the increase of Corona, the number of blood donors has evidently dropped; if you are healthy and can donate, your blood can help save a life.

Provide Mental Health Support

One of the many major things that the world needs in this tough time right now is mental and emotional support to deal with this frightening and seemingly crazy, never-ending situation.

So, if you are not able to do any of the above-mentioned things, one of the simplest acts you can do is to be kind to others and make sure you are there for them emotionally and mentally.

You can provide emotional support to others to create positivity around you even if you do not know the other person. All you need to do is to make sure that people around you are fine and are not going through any mental trauma.

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