The U.S. Army Sponsors “Answer the Call” Campaign in Mid-Atlantic Region

During these unsettling times, the United States Army is recognizing members of our communities who go above and beyond by serving their community in creative and compelling ways. The Army has posed the important question, “How do we respond when our country is faced with fear and uncertainty?” While social distancing has forced many to isolate, it has also sparked others to demonstrate strength and resilience and “Answer the Call”.

The United States Army is sponsoring the Answer the Call campaign to recognize individuals who have showcased extraordinary action in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Individuals are encouraged to nominate those who rise up to “Answer the Call”. The community then votes on those nominated with the top choice provided a donation for the continuation of their efforts.

“The COVID-19 crisis has expanded well beyond the length that anyone initially predicted. It has prompted changes in several capacities of our everyday lives,” said Lt. Col. Brendan Toolan, Commander, U.S. Army Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion. “We’ve learned ways to reduce risk and increase safety by using masks and practicing social distancing. We’ve also recognized keeping in touch with others and helping our neighbors is critical to our communities getting through this crisis. Several people have stepped up and have gone above and beyond to answer the call in their local communities. These people should be recognized for what they have done. In the Army, we love acknowledging and rewarding excellence, and right now excellence means individuals who are reaching out and helping others in their time of need.”

Nominations can be submitted at beginning November 2nd. Online voting will then take place to select the Army’s “Answer the Call” honor recipient.  You can follow the campaign on Facebook (@answerthecall_community), Instagram (@answerthecall_community), and Twitter(@americanrivalry) to nominate and vote for your “Answer the Call” candidate.

The United States Army is the oldest and most senior branch of the U.S. Military and is displaying their versatility and importance by participating in the development of vaccines and employing Army resources to help combat COVID-19 around the world.  For more information on how to “Answer the Call” with the U.S. Army, follow them on Facebook @GoArmyOhio.


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