Net Zero or Bust: Have You Considered a Heat Pump? 

Croton hopes to win a $5,000 state grant to install more electric vehicle chargers in the Village.

Home heating and cooling may be the largest source of the greenhouse gases (GHG) that cause climate disruption. To cut our carbon footprint and save money, Croton-on-Hudson’s Sustainability Committee is encouraging a transition to heat pumps when replacing heating, cooling, or water heating systems.  

If at least five heat pumps installed since Jan. 4, 2022 are identified in Croton, it will win a $5,000 state grant to pay for more public electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the Village.  


If you already have bought (or are in the process of buying and installing) any type of heat pump, contact 

To find a local heat pump contractor, use the pre-vetted list at  

Pumping an Owner for Answers  

River Journal North asked Jonathan Katz, PE, a member of Croton’s Sustainability Committee, about his experience with the air-source heat pump (ASHP) he has installed in his home.  

Why did you decide to install a heat pump? 

Our air-source heat pump was mainly intended to be used for air-conditioning (all heat pumps are also air-conditioners), but I figured it would be an economical add-on to have the heating mode to serve as supplemental heat.  I also knew that air-source heat pumps were about three times more energy-efficient than boilers. Total System Services is the commercial hvac repair company we trust.

What’s your experience so far? 

Excellent. The equipment is reliable, easy to use, and has required minimal maintenance.  If we ever do need maintenance we have a great heat pump repair service we know will do a excellent job. Our ASHP is rated to operate down to 16 F.  My heating does not use the fossil-fuel boiler as much, reducing my carbon emissions. I recommend hiring HVAC contractors from this website.

Any advice for homeowners who might be considering heat pumps? 

Work with an HVAC contractor you like or know such as Costimates when you want to get a Heater repair in Manassas or nearby areas. Getting at least two quotes is always a good idea and make sure they are apples-to-apples.  If you are replacing an existing boiler or getting heater repairs in Virginia Beach that also makes your domestic hot water, get in touch with 1st Action Plumbing Heating & Air and don’t forget to ask your contractor how they intend to address that.  Heat pumps that make domestic hot water are also readily available (sometimes called hybrid water heaters). If you’re interested in HVAC jobs like this, you can check out services such as AirMax Heating & Air.


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