Keeping Westchester Cool, Covered and Fed – ‘Mission’ Possible

It’s cool to be kind. MISSION®, the innovator of instant cooling technology, is a proud new partner of Feeding Westchester, the county’s leading nonprofit, hunger-relief organization. MISSION®, in partnership with Allstar Innovations, has made a $250,000 donation that will help Feeding Westchester provide more than one million meals to families in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

MISSION® was founded on the basic principle of empowering people to do more of the things they love to do,” says MISSION® co-founder, Chris Valletta. “As we’ve all seen, the effects of COVID-19 have had a particularly hard impact on working families in our community of Westchester – and our goal is to help them during these difficult times. We believe that people in every community should be able to rely on each other to provide solidarity, strength and support when it’s needed most. Our company is headquartered in Westchester County, New York. This is our community and Feeding Westchester is our food bank. We’re honored to support them in this critical time.”

MISSION® and Allstar Innovations partnered together in October 2019 in a venture that combined Allstar’s performance-based marketing with MISSION’s retail foundation and goal to expand the consumer market for its instant cooling solutions. Scott Boilen, Allstar’s CEO and member of Feeding Westchester’s board of directors, said, “The partnership between MISSION and Allstar has been a great success – but what has been equally gratifying is witnessing the two companies partner together with local food banks to help feed the Westchester County community. The need for food has never been greater – and it’s been truly humbling and inspiring to be able to help feed thousands of families in our backyard.”

In addition to their generous financial donation, MISSION® and Allstar have also outfitted frontline staff and volunteers with MISSION® Cooling Neck Gaiters to wear as they distribute food this summer. The innovative product can be worn multiple ways, including as a face cover, and the proprietary fabric used to make these indispensable accessories actually cools you down as temperatures rise.

MISSION® is an active lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living. That aligns with Feeding Westchester’s mission to provide healthy food to its neighbors in need. The company’s donation will help provide fresh produce to underserved communities disproportionally impacted by the virus. Before the crisis hit, fruit and vegetables made up 40% of the food distributed by Feeding Westchester. Now, thanks to generous donations like MISSION’s, produce is more than 50% of what is available across the county.

“We have so many loyal corporate partners here in Westchester County and MISSION® is one of the newest to join our team,” Feeding Westchester Vice President Matt Honeycutt says. “Generous gifts like this one are needed now more than ever. Right now, we are spending $850,000 a month to purchase food during the crisis. We normally spend less than half of that in an entire year. In this critical moment in time, every partner and ever dollar counts.”

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