Hope’s Door Celebrates 40 Years of Work to End Domestic Violence via Virtual Fundraisers


Hope’s Door is holding two virtual concerts on July 23 and October 1 to raise money to help victims of domestic violence. NYS PAUSE, while intended to make it safer for most residents, has unfortunately also increased danger for the many victims of domestic violence who may be in quarantine or lockdown with their abusers. Hope’s Door provides hotline, shelter, counseling and legal services free of charge to victims of intimate partner violence and domestic violence.  They need Hope’s Door services now more than ever.

Due to COVID-19, Hopes Door, like many other non-profits, was forced to cancel their Spring Gala and Fall Luncheon. The value of these special events is immeasurable due to the ability to bring together our board, staff and supporters in beautiful locations to enjoy each other’s company, while simultaneously raising funds for the agency.  The loss of personal contact with donors and friends is distressing, but the loss in revenue that supports our programs and services is devastating.  Thus, Hope’s Door will host two virtual concerts, one on July 23 and one on October 1.

Melissa Errico

On July 23rd, Hope’s Door has joined forces with the Music Conservatory of Westchester (MCW) to raise funds to end domestic violence.  The concert will include musical performances by MCW protégés and faculty, and features special guest, Tony-Award nominee Melissa Errico!

The concert event also includes a raffle and a presentation about the Hope’s Door Youth Prevention Program, which works to help young people build healthy relationships and engages them in efforts to end domestic violence, if you are struggling with domestic violence in your marriage, be sure to check this useful site to learn about divorce.

Alexa Kauffman, Hope’s Door’s Youth Prevention Coordinator, Michelle Walker, the Director of the Westchester County Family Justice Center, and Tuesday McDonald, the Executive Director of the Peekskill Youth Bureau will each say a few words about Hope’s Door programs.  Participants will have the ability to connect with others who support our mission and to help with fundraising for the agency.

Hope’s Door has also created recipes for orange juice-based mocktails and cocktails for participants to enjoy, to complement the theme of the event, Orange Juice for the Ears.  The theme derives from a quote by Oliver Sacks, MD, who famously said, “Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears – it is a remedy, a tonic, ORANGE JUICE FOR THE EAR.  Sacks was a noted physician, best-selling author, and a professor of neurology at the NYU School of Medicine.

On October 1, the virtual concert will feature New York City-based musicians and bands, and our featured speaker will be Leslie Morgan Steiner, nationally acclaimed author and TED Talk speaker.

The proceeds from both virtual events will support the Hope’s Door Shelter, Hotline, and Community Services including group and individual counseling programs, the Youth Prevention Program and the Next Step:  Economic Empowerment Program.  For 40 years, Hope’s Door has worked to end domestic violence, and empower victims to achieve safety, independence, and healing from the trauma of abuse.

For more information on the July 23 event, please visit: https://app.mobilecause.com/e/VsgOkg

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