Beyond Words: Putting the Art in Partnership

Hen Hud Free Library has a history of fruitful partnerships with other nonprofits. We’ve advanced our shared missions by pooling our strengths, while sharing valuable expertise.   

The Hen Hud Community Educational Foundation works closely with the Hope for Youth Foundation to provide our summer camp experience, coding workshops, and English language learning classes for adults and children. We partnered with United Way of Westchester/Putnam for our “Step Up for Literacy” program, to encourage early literacy and adult interaction. 

We are now excited to share that beginning this January, we will partner with the Kinosaito Arts Center. HHFL and Kinosaito will cooperate to magnify the success of two 

ongoing programs:  

KinoKids Craft Days is the traditionally outdoor art program that introduces students to a crafts-oriented approach to artistic creation. This winter, it will be offered in the welcoming warmth of the Children’s Program Room. 

Kinosaito Color Workshops will also explore painting techniques in acrylic and watercolor. Participants will learn about the unique characteristics of each medium, and how each can be adapted to achieving a variety of painterly purposes.  

It’s cold outside, but you’ll surely warm up to these inspiring programs. Visit for more details, plus other events. It’s Beyond Words! 

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