Business Spotlight: Our Victory Day Camp in Dobbs Ferry

our victory day campFor Campers in need of a structured and supportive summer environment. The utilization of an outstanding and dedicated staff, trained in Special Education, allows for each camper to develop feelings of independence and self worth. This is accomplished by concentrating on social as well as physical skills.

Our Victory was started by Fred Tunick in 1993. At that time he had 30 years of experience in Special Education as a Speech Pathologist, Special Education Administrator and Child Study Team Chairperson. Along with his wife, Iris, who had also worked in the field of Special Education, they designed a program that would replicate a traditional day camp and be geared to the needs of each season’s population.

Fred stated, “There are many labels utilized in Special Education. ADD, ADHD, PDD, ASPERGERs, and more. In our program we label jars not our children.” Each child has something special to offer the others; each child can and will create value in their lives.”

A month before camp begins; each parent fills out a comprehensive “Parent Packet.” This information, along with input from the camper’s school and related therapists, is studied by Fred, Iris and Samantha Horn, the Camp’s Assistant Director. The information is then studied by group leaders, assistants and specialists.

The result of this extensive preparation is a program that that allows for fun, socialization and growth, and wonderful comments from parents and staff. ©
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