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How often in life do we overlook the smallest things that my actually have an everlasting impact? This statement could not be truer when it comes to love and its ability to foster both feelings and epiphanies. The Five Muses is a five chapter book that delves into various topics, which at first may seem a bit beyond what you think you may have experienced, but in the end, you will realize how relatable these stories truly are.

And even more amazing, the author, Andy Kossowsky, who is a resident of Irvington (and works part-time as the town’s adult evening tennis instructor) inspiration came from five different people who he works with in his daily job as a pharmacy sales person. His “muses” work at a doctor’s office in White Plains and in having conversations with all of them, the chapters of the book are both a reflection of each person’s own personal story and relationship to Andy. And maybe after you have completed the book, you will think of some of your own experiences that have touched you in some loving way that is not often discussed but could be viewed as completely universal to the emotions that love can bring. Please enjoy The Five Muses.

This is Andy Kossowsky’s second self-published book. Andy was an English major at Hofstra University and when he is not teaching tennis, which is his favorite hobby, he loves to sit down and write. He lives in Irvington with his wife, Cori, and they have a son, Noah, who is a sophomore at Drexel University.

An excerpt from The Five Muses:

What’s most important when it comes to love and attraction? I love my wife. I love that not so long ago we went to a movie and after it was over, we were alone in the theater waiting for the movie’s credits to end. And we were just sitting there chatting about the story and listening to the background music before we knew it was time to go. Then for whatever reason when we stood up to leave, we started to dance. No one was around, and we liked the song that was playing, so we had ourselves a little dance before we left the theater. I guess you can say this moment of time was “our time,” and it’s who we are and one of the reasons why we are in love.

Andy Kossowsky

Or is this why she’s in love with me knowing that I’m the type of person who would do what I just described? Or on the flip side, is this why I’m in love with her because she’s kooky enough to want to dance with me in that moment? Moments. I think love and the spark of love and the appreciation for the possibilities of what we hope love can be is what we all look for. What we want. What our dreams want us to believe.

I love love. I do. But as I get older and look back on several moments that I was fortunate to be a part of where the possibilities of love could have occurred, these moments become deeper, almost tantalizing, because I will never know what could have occurred because nothing came from these moments. And what’s even more tantalizing is that I will never know what the other person involved was really thinking or if she too looks back on these moments.

The Five Muses is available at Amazon.

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  1. I love my nephew Andy. Great husband, great father, great son, great nephew; one of a kind!
    Very proud of him.
    Super “kid”

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