Jacob Burns Announces Reopening Plan

Theater to Open on April 30th.

Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC) announced that they will open the Theater doors on Friday, April 30and welcome the community back to the JBFC.

The announcement highlighted multiple improvements to the facility including Bi-Polar Ionization air purification units throughout the JBFC Theater and Media Arts Lab. You can visit their safety webpage for details about the facility improvements, safety measures, and procedures, including social distancing, assigned seating, and more.

Theater hours and screening schedule will be announced before we reopen. JBFC will continue to offer film programs through their Virtual Marquee, so you will be able to experience all the programming they have to offer, whether in-person at the Theater or from the comfort of home.

In conjunction with the reopening, JBFC announced the installation of Projecting Light Through Darkness, which dramatically brightens the JBFC Theater. This vibrant installation, paired with a stunning and permanent upgrade to the Theater marquee, brings “light to our corner of Pleasantville after an unprecedented period of darkness for the JBFC and for all of us”. This work is made possible by a generous gift from Suzanne and Robert Harwood.

The installation will be on view seven days a week from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm through April 27, paving the way to our reopening. Visit Pleasantville to experience the lights, best seen after darkness, and while you are in town, please support a local business or restaurant.

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