‘A Christmas Carol-A Story of Hope’ Makes U.S. Stage Debut  

Bob Cratchit and son Tiny Tim are the heart of the Dickens classic.

A Christmas Carol: A Story of Hope, a new musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, is at Yorktown Stage Dec. 26-31. The show, which blends contemporary music with a classical feel, is set in London, Christmas 1843.  

The new musical transports audiences back in time to a magical Victorian Christmas. From the cobblestone streets to high timber beams, the atmospheric sets (by Dave Benson) were made in the United Kingdom and shipped to the United States in two 40-foot containers.  

Although published almost two centuries ago, A Christmas Carol explores the problems of society, wealth, poverty, relationships, and struggles that remain relatable in our modern world.  

“The story celebrates the importance of kindness, family, friends and community, and the key message is to never give up hope,” says Yorktown resident Veronika Hindle, who wrote and directed the production. “Hope changed the future for Ebenezer Scrooge. The hope of Bob Cratchit was in his praying for his son, Tiny Tim, to get better. Scrooge’s nephew Fred hoped to have a good relationship with his uncle, and the poor people hoped for a better life. We just added a hint of Christmas spice to the already amazing mulled wine to make it more special.” 

The original score is by European music stars Martin Harich and Matej Smutny. Choreography by Jennifer Lido, lighting design by Melanie Leff, sound design by Jesse Melito, stage management by Casey Brehm, costume design by Veronika Hindle. 

Information > yorktownstage.org; (914) 962-0606. 



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