Top Items That Every Gentleman Must Have


A man’s collection is a window to his personality. The level of education you are able to attain, your interests, your earnings, and your lifestyle partially determine the social circles you get involved in; it should also be noted that it is the simple things in life that bring you happiness and satisfaction. A proper balance between material and immaterial lifestyles is necessary for a healthy mind and body. Below, we list a collection of items that may benefit your everyday lifestyle.

Tip-top Items Every Gentleman Must Have

A Book Collection

You are probably wondering why this is topping the list of must-haves but honestly, nothing is more appealing than a person who takes time to educate themselves and exercise their mind. Thankfully, gone are the days when reading was associated with nerds, now cool guys also need to pick up a book or two. Being an avid reader does not only make you an interesting person to talk to, it also helps you unlearn and relearn a lot of unconsciously formed perspectives about certain situations in life.

A Well-Equipped Toolbox

Handymen derive immense satisfaction and pride in owning a toolbox with quality tools necessary for their job. The good news is that you need not buy a complete set of tools at once, you only need to have the essential ones like a hammer, a screwdriver, tape measure, electric drill, duct tape, utility knives and blades, flashlight, and safety equipment. It is no news that hiring workmen to fix your leaky faucet or upgrade to wide spread bathroom sink faucets, or your door can be very expensive; so why not save some money by getting your hands dirty with some DIY projects, you will be glad you did. I’ll be smart to keep a wd40 in your inventory because of why spray wd40 up your faucet and it’s effectivity.

A Custom-Made Suit

Every gentleman should have at least one or more bespoke suits in their closet. Having a three-piece suit for men is analogous to owning that signature black dress for women. When you want to leave an impression through style, a bespoke suit is your best bet. Purchase an impressive Italian wool suit and have it tailored into a bespoke suit. Is it expensive? Definitely. Will it be worth it? Damn right, it will be.

A Pristine White Shirt

You heard that right, a simple white shirt can do wonders for your wardrobe and your look. It is very functional thus making it a basic staple for every wardrobe. These shirts are usually quite common, easy to style differently for a variety of events, and are really comfortable.

A Pocket Knife


The benefits of owning a pocket knife are boundless. This multifunctional piece has proved itself to be very useful be it in the kitchen when you want to cut some meat, or when you want to share an apple with a friend, or even when you are in danger and you need to cut yourself loose from being restricted. It also serves as a reflection of a man’s style and taste and since this can be definitive in how you present yourself, you may feel the need to upgrade your pocket knife. Another interesting thing is that culturally, they sometimes serve as family heirlooms, handed down from generation to generation.

Invest In Colognes

Seriously, be it perfumes, colognes, or body spray, you can never go wrong with smelling nice. As a man, investing in a good perfume is always a great decision. It tells a lot about your personality, makes you more appealing, –and helps you boost your confidence and improve your mood. Ever wondered why we sometimes go from being moody all day to being a bit more cheerful simply because of that citrus or vanilla scent you sprayed on? Perfumes are indeed magical! Visit for more grooming tips.


Spice up your walls with some good-quality art. This tells a lot about your taste and your character. Would you rather have a bare wall or one that is filled with posters, prints, and paintings, giving off some facets of your personality and interests to yourself and your guests? Investing in the art that you enjoy and appreciate will make you feel at home where you live and will catch the attention of your visitors.

A Recipe Book

Believe it or not, learning to make your own meals can be an extremely useful lifelong skill; you get to eat healthier, heartier food rather than your regular fast food, which causes more harm than good to your system. Moreover, everyone loves a man who knows his way around the kitchen; your friends, family, and loved ones will appreciate your skills and will visit you often to enjoy your food. Why don’t you learn that recipe and sweep your dream woman off her feet with your signature dishes?


Society has ingrained into our minds that men need bigger and faster cars or shiny overpriced toys, but what men really need are things that make their everyday life easier. There are things as simple as a tool used in getting a job done, improving their looks and moods, or simply for aesthetic enjoyment.


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