These 6 Tips Will Help You Keep Your AC Running at Peak Performance


An air conditioner is one of the critical components without which a modern home is incomplete. It’s a necessity to maintain the right indoor temperatures and humidity levels despite extreme weather conditions. Without adequate care and maintenance, the cost of operating an AC can skyrocket, putting a burden on your monthly electricity bills. The good news is that there are several methods you can adopt to enable the air conditioner to perform at its peak, cut down electricity costs, and reduce the amount spent on repairs. Without further ado, let’s look at these six essential tips to make the air conditioning unit run at the maximum possible performance.

1.  Cleaning Filters

Almost every air conditioner has reusable air filtering sheets that are placed within the indoor unit. The air passing through them is automatically filtered to remove dirt, debris, and several other air-borne substances. Over time, the filters can get clogged with the filtered substances, making it difficult for air to circulate properly. Furthermore, the blocked filters drastically affect the air conditioning efficiency and cause the air conditioning unit to work harder than normal. An AC operating under these conditions will eventually lead to increased electricity consumption and decrease the performance of the appliance. You can set a date and at least try to clean these filters once a month so that there is less load on the AC. If you are unsure of how to clean and reinstall air filters, contacting professionals for AC repair is an option to consider. Nowadays, we can also find smart air conditioning units that automatically clean out air filters but still, using hands is the best way to clean those dirty air filters. Clean air protects your family.

2.  Insulated Connections

You might have noticed several pipes running from the outdoor unit to the room. These refrigerant lines carry condensed gases that cool down air temperatures within a few seconds. Since the pipes carry chilled gases, it is necessary to ensure that the lines are adequately insulated. Extreme weather conditions like overexposure to UV rays and direct heat from the sun cause the spray insulation to deteriorate over time and ultimately reduce the performance.

As well as the function of your air conditioning unit. So do adequate repairs or replace the worn-out insulations with new ones for a better AC performance. Look up services like these ac repair services in San Antonio, TX to take a look at your unit.

3. Drain Lines


Near these refrigerant lines, you can also identify a small and flexible plastic pipe known as a drain that carries moisture from the air conditioner in the form of a liquid. This important component can get clogged so it is necessary to understand the steps according to the blog post, How to Clean An AC Drain Line the Easy Way so that you can improve the efficiency of the air conditioning unit. You can check whether a drain line is working by turning on your air conditioning unit and inspecting whether water droplets are being produced or not. However, in less humid conditions where the AC might not produce moisture droplets, removing the drain and passing water through will ensure the drain is not clogged.

4. Insulate Indoors

Most electronic appliances are capable of producing heat that might result in an increased room temperature. Microwave ovens and refrigerators are some common examples. If possible, remove these appliances so that the air conditioner can work effectively without having to work for that extra generated temperature. Furthermore, try to properly insulate your windows and doors so that the room temperature can be maintained. A steady temperature allows the air conditioner to run in standby mode, saves energy, and improves the performance by many folds.

5. Clean Coils

Your air conditioner has a condenser coil in which cool gases travel. Dust and other airborne particles can accumulate on these coils and impact their performance over time. As the coils are difficult to access, you might want to get professional help to clean and restore the coils to their original condition.

6. Routine Checkups

To ensure the air conditioning unit does not stall or malfunction, you may call Castle Home Comfort Heating & Cooling to perform routine checkups at least twice a year. Conducting these inspections helps with identifying any underlying issue that might hinder the performance of the AC. Hiring air conditioning repair professionals like the ones from Tailored Mechnical can take care of your ac repairs. By doing so will ensure that you don’t end up paying a hefty amount when a major malfunction occurs and save you from the burden of replacing faulty components. If you encounter any issues, there are 24 hour ac repair companies that you can call anytime your AC unit breaks down. You may visit the Furnace Replacement | Home Heating and Air Conditioning or the Friends & Family HVAC`s official website for more info.

Following the above-mentioned steps will surely help you in taking care of your residential or commercial hvac system the right way, help improve its life span, and most importantly tweak the unit to deliver maximum performance. As there are a variety of air conditioning units out there, it is best to also become familiar with the instructions manual and keep in mind the indicators you have to keep an eye on.


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