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Franzoso uses a specially designed wheel disk with four controlled jets set to an optimal pre-set pressure that is neither too weak nor too strong

When realtors talk about “Curb Appeal,” they are talking about what kind of impression the exterior of your home makes at eye-level. “Curb Appeal” covers everything, from the ground up! Not least of all, it includes your roof.  

Did you ever receive a real estate mailer that featured a home in your neighborhood and something caught your eye as being “off”? We’ll guess it was the roof of the house. It looked off. It had stains that a prospective buyer – or anyone else – can’t help but notice.  

“A home’s exterior sets the stage for its story,” says Cynthia Lippolis, Licensed Real Estate Broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices River Towns Real Estate 

“In Real Estate,” says Cynthia, “first impressions are paramount—you have just one opportunity to wow a potential buyer. A neglected roof speaks volumes and can turn away buyers faster than almost anything else.”  

Even if you’re not looking to sell, every proud homeowner wants their house to have maximum “Curb Appeal.” Ask yourself, “Does our roof enhance or detract from our home’s Curb Appeal?”  

One telltale sign is if you see a kind of splotchy, dark-green, dark grey – or even black – stains on your roof, you might have heavy moss or little green/grey splotches, which are lichen. All signs that can seriously damage your roof shingles and detract from “Curb Appeal.”  

If you see any of these signs on your roof, it may be time to give the top of your home a long overdue Roof Shampoo®. As Cynthia puts it, “Even a flawless roof can appear lackluster if it’s dirty. Consider a Roof Shampoo® to give it the gleam it deserves.”

If done properly, with Franzoso Contracting’s state-of-the-art shampoo system, after it’s done, your neighbors just might think you have a new roof.

What is a state-of-the-art roof shampoo system? It’s one that uses the most eco-friendly soap available. It’s a process that is safe for both shingles and landscaping. It doesn’t use dangerous chlorine bleach or trisodium phosphate (TSP) or sodium hypochlorite (SH).

Our state-of-the-art cleaning process is gentle on the roof yet powerful enough to get rid of unsightly dirt and stains. It does not use high pressure, scrubbing or brushing, a process that will destroy your roof.  

All of those attributes describe the unique Roof Shampoo® system we have, which is a proprietary cleaning process used only by authorized agents, such as Franzoso Contracting.

How does the roof cleaning method used by Franzoso differ from other systems?

First and foremost, there are two critical features of Roof Shampoo® that make it far more preferable than any other roof cleaning process.   

The unique feature of Roof Shampoo® is that Franzoso does not use harmful chlorine bleach and similar products that too often are used for roof cleaning despite their potential to ruin your roof instead of clean it. Do not be fooled either by someone asserting that bleach is deemed acceptable by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). We refer to those guys as “Bleachers.”  

The other difference is that Franzoso uses a specially designed wheel disk with four controlled jets set to an optimal pre-set pressure that is neither too weak nor too strong. Other roof cleaners use a power washer that can blast away the granules of a shingle mat, leaving it dangerously vulnerable to the elements, and voiding your roof warranty if you have a leak!  

Citing its damaging effects, impartial Consumer Reports actually warns against using the same chorine-bleach solution recommended by ARMA. Even that industry body acknowledges that chlorine is more likely to “lighten roof blemishes than thoroughly remove them.” ARMA also acknowledges that bleach-cleaning is “temporary and discoloration will likely recur.”  

If you see the term “soft wash,” that’s a euphemism for bleach, so steer clear of it. Another warning sign that bleach is being used is if the roof cleaner says they will water down or cover or spray your plants, or use a runoff recovery system, or say their soaps break down into salt. Those all are red flags. Bottom line: bleach will ruin your roof, plants, and leave stains on your siding.

Here are other reasons to stay away from bleach being used on your roof …

  • Chlorine bleach and TSP can eat away at metal, such as flashing, particularly if the roof is not rinsed responsibly. Phosphate (TSP) is a pollutant that is banned in household products by 16 states.  
  • Toxic chlorine gas is a byproduct of chlorine gas that is sprayed.  
  • Your plants will die if infected by bleach. 
  • The pungent chemical odor emitted by chlorine bleach can waft beyond your house, affecting your neighbors as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “When chlorine gas comes into contact with the eyes, throat and lungs, an acid is produced that can damage these tissues.” 

A timely Roof Shampoo® can improve your home’s curb appeal – and potentially its value – virtually overnight. Remember, your neighbors will think you’ve got a new roof!

If you’d like to hear more, and receive a 10-Point Roof and Gutter Inspection absolutely free (see box), call Franzoso now at (914) 271-4572.   

Franzoso Contracting – Beautifying Homes in Your Neighborhood for 44 Years

Free 10-Point Roof Inspection
Franzoso Contracting will check the following on your home for free … 

  • Appearance from the ground 
  • From the ladder 
  • On the roof 
  • Valleys 
  • Nails 
  • Hip & Ridge 
  • Flashing 
  • Chimney 
  • Mansard/Steep Slopes (where applicable) 
  • Soffit & Fascia 

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