The Future of Home Living: Trends in Sustainable Design and Upgrades

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If you own a home or are in the process of looking to buy one, there are some things to think about when it comes to sustainability. With the planet at the forefront of our minds, it’s important to think about incorporating sustainable practices into our home’s life and upgrades. Here are a few trends to watch for:

Powering your home

An aspect of sustainability is undoubtedly how your home is powered. The way that you get energy can save you money, but more importantly, it can also ensure that you’re doing your best for the environment. If you need to consider solar panels or look into renewable electricity plans to improve your home design when it comes to sustainability, this could be beneficial in more ways than one. The more you can save money on how you provide energy to your home, the better it will be for the planet and your budget.

Upgrade your windows and doors

In the summer or winter, your home could be cooler or warmer if you update your windows and doors. For older home designs, your windows and doors could allow warmth or cool air to escape, making you have to adjust your thermostat just to be comfortable in your own home.

Upgrading your windows and doors to be sealed designs that keep heating and cooling inside can help you reduce energy spent while also ensuring that you save money on your electric bill.

Consider size and location when building

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If you’re someone with the possibility of choosing where to buy land and how to build your home, you have the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for sustainable success in home living. You can consider all the factors, including how location can impact warmth and cooling in the summer and winter months and how the size of your home can also help you save energy and live a more sustainable life.

If you’re planning the design of your home with an architect, talk to them about your desire to have a sustainable design that is good for the environment and for you.

Think about a rooftop garden

While this may not be plausible for just anyone, a rooftop garden can do a lot for your home and sustainability. It can provide insulation for your home and even lower the temperature in the summer so that you can save more on your home’s energy plan.

It also looks great and can be a haven for wildlife. While not in everyone’s budget, if you can create a home design that includes a roof garden, it’s not a bad idea. It may work on some homes that are already designed, so consider talking to a professional to discover whether you can create a rooftop garden on your existing home.

Smart home improvements

In some spaces, technology truly is a benefit for us and the environment. If you have a hard time keeping lights off and adjusting the thermostat when you won’t be at home, it’s a good idea to consider the best ways for you to save energy in your home when thinking about budget-friendly upgrades.

If you can’t change things like your home’s windows but you can upgrade your home’s HVAC system, this can do wonders when it comes to living a more sustainable life at home. Another smart improvement is with your lighting. You could install a smart lighting system that helps your household “remember to turn off the lights” by turning off the lights for you.

In Conclusion

Are you thinking about upgrades to your home? Consider these tips above so that you can create a more sustainable living space. Whether you’re building a new home or you want to upgrade your current one, these are a few options to consider when it comes to sustainable upgrades.


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