How to Reveal Big Life Events in Creative Ways

Life is full of big moments to celebrate. But instead of always rejoicing with family members and close friends, sometimes you might feel the need to shout your good news from the proverbial rooftop; revealing life’s biggest events on social media, through written correspondence and at parties puts you at center stage.

Indeed, calling attention to yourself isn’t always a bad thing — and the best way to communicate life’s greatest successes isn’t simply by telling people but rather sharing it in fun and unique ways.

Whether you’re celebrating an engagement, marriage, job promotion, anniversary, or other bigger-than-life celebration, it’s a universal truth that people love to involve others in different ways that light up their lives.

Here are several creative ways to reveal some of life’s greatest successes.

Social Media

It’s no secret online social networking has changed the way we communicate and interact with one another. Beyond keeping tabs with old friends, colleagues and even distant family members, platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer a special and unique way to keep people in the know about some of life’s biggest milestones.

Some may call it boasting, but posting photos and videos, as well as sharing life updates for everyone to see, not only allows you to communicate to hundreds of people some of your biggest news, but it can also help rekindle lost connections from adolescence, high school, college and previous workplaces.

Life events don’t exist in a vacuum. To that end, social media makes it oh-so-easy to keep all the connections in your life updated on day-to-day happenings, as well as the biggest milestones and celebrations happening in your life and your immediate or extended families.

Greeting Cards

While news of life’s biggest events tends to spread fast on social media, there’s still no replacement for sending a heartfelt greeting card to family, friends, and other loved ones to share in the excitement. Indeed, it doesn’t take much to lift someone’s spirit, support someone in need, or simply make someone’s day with a thoughtful greeting card like those from black owned businesses. Or, for the best wishes, greetings, messages and sayings for every holiday and occasion check out Styiens.

Of course, this act of goodwill tends to hold even greater significance during the holiday season. So, whether you’re announcing your pregnancy, the adoption of a new pet, a coveted job promotion, or major weight loss, doing so with a festive and memorable photo Christmas card will provide an unforgettable memory for the recipient.

In need of some inspiration? Turn to Minted to find the latest and greatest styles and designs of photo Christmas cards to usher in a festive and joyous holiday season.


Oftentimes, capturing life’s biggest moments on camera can help to better tell a story, as well as provide an indelible memory for years to come. When taking professional photos, you, of course, always want to look and feel your best. If you don’t have the best equipment to take photos yourself, you can hire a photo booth service like PhotoMeBooth instead.

To that end, getting your hair and makeup done professionally and wearing clothing that’s comfortable and flatters your look and figure is essential. So, which life events make the most sense to capture on camera?

Celebrating an engagement, wedding and/or a birth announcement are a few top examples of when taking professional photos makes sense to share a big life event. More than anything, photographs help to capture special moments in time, and when added to an album, can serve as a cherished keepsake and memory bank for years to come. You can also hire a photo booth rental for events and print those and send them out.

Plus, years from now, current, and future generations of families will get to savor these special moments in time.

Share Meaningful Memories with Those You Hold Dear

How you choose to celebrate important moments in life is up to you. Then again, don’t just stick to tradition by exchanging high fives and grabbing drinks with friends. In fact, it’s more than fine to change it up and boast a bit about your accomplishments — and there is no shortage of ways to do so. Forget about being humble for a hot minute and instead take a new approach toward celebrating life’s biggest moments to create memories that will last a lifetime.




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