How To Create A Safe And Convenient Space For Your Dog


Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the United States. Recent estimates state that there are around 89 million pet dogs in the country, meaning there’s almost one dog for every 3 people in the country! Whether you’re currently a dog owner or looking for dogs like german shepherd puppies for sale, you’d certainly not be alone if you’re considering getting one.

Choosing a dog is more than just picking your favorite pooch though; there are plenty of factors to consider, learn more about how to choose the best dog for you.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and you need to be sure that you have the right tools to look after them properly. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how to create a safe and convenient space for your dog, to ensure your chosen pet has the best life possible!

Different Dogs Require Different Spaces

As mentioned, dogs come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from toy dogs to large mountain dogs. You should first consider how much space is in your home before choosing which type of dog to buy or rescue. Obviously, a toy dog would suit a small apartment or home, even if there is no outdoor space. A large retriever or similar-sized dog would require a lot more space.

Alongside this, different dogs require different levels of exercise. If you want your dog to be happy and healthy, you need to ensure that you have enough space and time to give the dog all the activity they need. This should always be the first consideration before choosing any dog.

Safety at Home


Dogs love to run, play, chew, jump, and explore whatever space they are in. When supervised, this is usually no issue, but when left to their own devices this can be a problem. It is for that reason many people opt to purchase safe, secure, and comfortable dog crates.

A dog crate is perfect for use when out of the home or at night. You’ll want a large dog crate, big enough to fit some bedding, food, and water inside. Plus, you need your dogs to feel comfortable and secure inside, not trapped in a tiny box. Look for a dog crate suited to your dog’s needs.

Another home safety option is the baby gate. Baby gates can be excellent devices for keeping smaller dogs away from certain areas like kitchens or children’s bedrooms. They’ll only work, though, if your dog is small enough. Bigger dogs will simply jump the gate and do what they please!

Access to Food, Water, and Grooming

Your dog should always have access to water. Water should be kept out in the same place so that your dog can find clean drinking water whenever they want. Whether they are in their crate or roaming free, you should never leave a dog without water.

Many dogs are fed at regular times by their owners, so food is not often left out. If you do leave food out for your dog, make it dry food. Wet food attracts flies and could make your dog sick.

Regular dog grooming is also an effective way to detect health problems early and will affect your dog’s mental health positively. A good-smelling, good-looking dog is a joy to be around.

Kids at Home

One concern for many families is whether their new dog is going to behave and interact well around children. You can always train a dog to be happy around kids. If they are raised in a family home they will be used to it and love being around your children.

Sometimes, you’ll want to keep your kids’ stuff separate from the dog. That’s totally understandable, especially with babies. Use baby gates, locking doors, and dog crates to ensure your dog is safely and kindly separated from your young ones.

Toys and Activities

Dogs have a lot of energy – there’s no denying that! As mentioned, they can often turn to playing with household goods, which is not ideal. To prevent chewing on wires, slippers, sofas, and other prized possessions, make sure your dog has plenty of safe toys to play with. Chew toys, ropes, and balls are all firm favorites with dogs! This will both provide them with exercise and keep them away from your things. Additionally, you should take them to a dog daycare occasionally so they can run around and make friends with their own kind which will make them very happy.

Outdoor Space

Finally, it’s always worth considering your outside space, should you have any. Is it all secured so that a dog can’t escape? Any gaps or holes in fences or surrounding walls should be fixed before you bring your pup home, see more ideas at this post about Cedar Fence Direct DIY fence post cap ideas. If you want them to run around and enjoy the outside – make it safe.

Having a dog is great. They are rewarding, fun, and enjoyable creatures to be around. Make sure they have the right space and activities and they’ll make sure you never regret bringing a dog into your life.

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