Advice for Young Homeowners: 3 Common Tools You Should Have


Congratulations! You’re a young homeowner and you have everything to look forward to. The thrill of owning your very own home and the excitement for what’s to come are in the air and you are ready to take this next step on your journey. All that you need now are the simple but incredibly practical household tools that will immeasurably enhance your day-to-day experience, and save you time, effort, and, perhaps best of all, money.

These simple items are life hacks to healthy, economic, creative, independent living. You won’t believe you ever got by without them!

Hand-Held Soup Blender

You know how it is; you’ve had a busy day, you’re tired and you’re hungry. You don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen finely chopping vegetables, seasoning, and peeling through recipe books, so you end up reaching into the fridge and snacking on something unhealthy, or even ordering a takeaway.

Well, no more! With a hand-held soup blender, you can have your dinner ready in minutes. Simply put a pot of rough-cut vegetables and stock on to simmer around half an hour before you hit that tired, hungry, snacky wall. Then, when you start to feel the first pangs of hunger, you simply hold the blender in the pot and whirr up all of your cooked veggies. In seconds the soup will be ready to eat.

This tool is a must-have for busy professionals, parents, students, and anyone else who can easily slip into bad habits of unhealthy dinners for the sake of ease, speed, and impatience.

A Good Pair of Hair Scissors


Another life hack for busy independent young homeowners is getting comfortable giving your own hair a trim. We have all been shocked by the price and time it can take in a hairdresser’s salon and thought to ourselves: “I’m sure I could do this myself!” Well with professional, high-quality scissors and sheers you can, and you should. There are various varieties of hair sheers suited to different hair types and styles, as well as fun colors and big brand names.

A pro tip is to treat yourself to proper professional sheers, rather than thinking your kitchen scissors will do the job – they won’t! You may have seen people make this mistake during lockdown when everyone on TikTok decided to cut their own bangs.

If cutting your own hair makes you nervous, check out some of the many helpful online videos to get you started. Once you’ve tried out your new professional sheers you’ll never go back! When you are comfortable cutting your own hair you can even try your kids’ or partner’s hair too. This could be the start of a whole new skillset.

Sewing Kit


Not only is a seeking kit a vital household item for wardrobe emergencies, simple mends, and creative projects, but it is also a lesson in repairing rather than throwing away. This is an excellent way to be less wasteful, more conscientious, and, perhaps most importantly for young homeowners, save money.

It can be too easy to see a small tear, a broken fasten, a stain, or a split seam and decide to throw the item of clothing away. You can buy a new one in an affordable shop, after all. But this can be a waste of an otherwise useful piece of clothing, and an opportunity to get creative.

Even if you have never crocheted, sewed, or mended anything in your life, there are simple and fun ways you can learn to mend your clothes. You can patch holes, or crochet around them so they become a statement part of the look. You can cut up pieces of clothing altogether if you are a little more comfortable around a sewing kit and make a whole new piece. You can attach buttons, crop jumpers, change necklines… the possibilities are endless.

Why spend the money on a new jumper when the old one could become your most unique and fun outfit?

Now You Have All The Tools

With these three simple, practical, and essential tools for young homeowners, life is made easy. Dinner time was never so straightforward and rewarding. Your hair never looked so good (and people can’t believe you did it yourself!). Your custom jeans and hand-mended jacket are your stand-out pieces and you look and feel good.

These life hacks aren’t just about saving money, though that is a great bonus, but they are about learning to be more self-sufficient, individual, and independent. You have your own home, and now you have your own style as well. You are looking after yourself and you’re an inspiration to your friends!

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