Writing Basics 101: 7 Steps to Writing Well

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Learn the basics and essential steps to good writing. Write with authority to express, persuade, and communicate your thoughts with others after reading this.

Writing is a skill that every person can and should learn. It’s true that most people know how to write, but writing well takes practice and mastery of the basics.

Creativity, curiosity, and daring are all great attributes of a good writer. But one thing that every essay writer should have, no matter your personality, is a solid foundation of the basic steps to writing well.

Here, you will discover all the necessary steps to writing well for business success and find an effective writing process that works best for you. Develop your creative skills, learn how to write well, and release your potential for good writing.

The Art and Science of Writing

The methods and goals of the writing process are based on science because as people learned over time, the implementation of proper grammar, sentence structure, point of view, and the use of persuasive speech can have a great effect on the reader. This is especially true when writing well for business success since the goal here would be calling the readers to action.

Even though the technical side of writing focuses on science, the creative and innovative part of writing is an art. Writing is one of the greatest mediums you can use to communicate your inner thoughts and emotions. It is the manifestation of one’s ideas into reality through an interactive art form. It does not even matter whether you are a paper helper, essay, or fiction writer. This basically means that writing allows you to create something in the world for people to experience.

The benefits that writing can offer in your life are countless, but that’s another topic that calls for a different discussion. All you need to know is that if you learn how to write well, you will be equipped with a powerful skill that has great potential in any field, career, and aspect of your life.

Steps to Good Writing

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Like any skill, good writing is cultivated through constant practice and understanding of the basics. These steps to writing well will help guide you through the entire process and will allow you to communicate effectively with your desired readers.

  1. Planning and Purpose

Before you start taking the many ideas you have stored up and putting them into writing, the first thing you have to do is plan out how to execute your message. If you want to know how to write well, you have to first figure out the purpose of your message and the kind of readers you are aiming at.

Who are you writing for and why?

You also have to consider what form you will be writing in. Is it an essay, a business letter, an email, or a book? This will allow you to organize and clearly visualize your content.

Understanding your purpose for writing and creating a proper plan is crucial in the steps to writing well.

  1. Choose Your Writing Style

Deciding on a fitting writing style is the second step to good writing. There are four main types of writing. These are narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive writing.

Depending on the goal of your message, you would pick one of the four writing styles that best fit.

For example, when you’re writing to deliver important, factual information then consider expository writing. Expository writing is commonly used in news, essays, and scientific papers to expound on theories and analyze the facts of an argument.

If your objective is writing well for business success, then persuasive writing is certainly the way to go. The purpose of persuasive business writing is to convince the reader to act. This is usually done at the end of your content in the “call to action.”

Using persuasive writing, you incline readers to buy your product, service, or simply sign up to be a potential customer in the future.

  1. Use Your Natural Voice in Writing

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Be yourself when writing. When you try to sound like someone you’re not, people pick up on that. This can lead readers to get a bad impression of you being “fake” because of your unnatural voice.

Stick to your natural voice and write the way you talk. This will give readers a genuine sense of your writing.

There are many situations where being yourself is the best advice, when it comes to the steps to writing well, it definitely still applies.

  1. Address Your Readers Head-On

One thing that people hate is beating around the bush. Content that goes around in circles and fails to deliver the point makes readers suffer.

Be direct, give your readers what you want them to experience. Get your point across without the trouble of repeating the same ideas over and over again.

There is always room for creativity though. Being direct doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself in your unique way. Tackling your point head-on is an important step in how to write well.

  1. Use the Power of Short Sentences

The advantage that short sentences have over long ones is that they are easily understood and require less time to think. This also applies to the use of shorter and more simple words.

Avoid the use of long sentences in conjunction with dense jargon, as it only serves to burden your readers.

Remember that your writing intends to express your message to your audience. Keep this in mind as good writing is immediately understood by the reader.

  1. Draw Inspiration from Real-World Experience

The most common brick wall you will encounter as a writer is writer’s block, the lack of inspiration. Times come when you just can’t think of anything good to write – when ideas don’t flow like they do when you’re at peak performance.

This is normal and most, if not everyone, experience this.

One of the best ways to counter this inspirational drought is to look within yourself and recall the experience you’ve had in your life.

Often, the inspiration you need is something that you’ve seen, done, or read in the past. Take time to organize your thoughts and then think of a relatable experience you can write about.

If you want to know how to write well, you have to put yourself out there and absorb as much as you can. The saying “Experience is the best teacher.” is good to keep in mind as you develop your writing ability.

  1. Review and Edit Your Work

Reviewing, revising, and editing your work is the final, and arguably most overlooked step to the writing process.

After you have all your content written, read it several times over to see if anything sounded out of place or inconsistent.

Check for grammatical errors, hard-to-read sentences, and typos.

If you find parts of your content that could be better, then take time to rewrite and enhance them. You can always find new ways to improve your writing.


If you’ve followed through with all the steps to writing well, you are now equipped with a solid foundation for writing. Now you know how to write well. Always keep these steps in mind when you write and you’ll be ready to write your way through any challenge ahead.

Whether you writing for academic excellence, learning to write a memoir, or writing well for business success, you are now ready to face your endeavors head-on.

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