Washington Irving Colonial Day 

Colonial Day Washington Irving
Students make candles as part of their Colonial Day experience at Washington Irving Intermediate School.

Washington Irving students stepped back in time without leaving school on February 15, Colonial Day, a time-honored tradition where fourth-graders, teachers and staff members immerse themselves in colonial life. 

Students and staff members dressed the part as the school was transformed into a Colonial Village that included shops and work stations. Children made candles and a popular spinning toy called a whirligig out of disc and string.   

Other stations included: tinsmithing, quilt making, and stamping. The day complements what students learn in class.  

“This is an opportunity for them to extend their knowledge of colonial times and become more familiar with this time period and way of life,” explained fourth-grade teacher Bridget Bentley who taught the children how to write with a quill and ink.  

The “new colonists” also discovered simple tasks that we take for granted such as churning butter.  

“It would be harder to live back then. Now we can go to the supermarkets,” said fourth-grader Natalie Coffman.

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