Sleepy Hollow Tarrytown Chamber Awards Scholarship to Local Student

Kinga Orban

Kinga Orban, a senior at Sleepy Hollow High School, has been awarded a $1000 scholarship by the Sleepy Hollow Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce. This is the seventh annual award which is given each year to a student in recognition of their contributions to the community. Kinga wrote an essay about the fulfillment she gets from her volunteer job at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

I have volunteered every weekend during the autumn at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery for the past 5 years even before starting high school. I wanted to volunteer my time at an organization where I could give back to the community and know that I was making an actual difference. My recurring role is to stay near the south gate of the 171-year old historic grounds and direct all visitor traffic during the busiest season of the year. I make sure those visiting their deceased loved ones during October have no trouble getting through and are not disturbed by the thousands of tourists who come to see the graves of famous people buried there like Washington Irving, the author of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. By keeping everything under control and running smoothly, I ensure the safety of everyone coming to the cemetery. What started out as just a way to fulfill my school’s service requirement quickly turned into a rewarding and satisfying way to serve my community. Knowing that I may have brought even a modicum of peace to a family visiting their departed loved ones makes volunteering very fulfilling. My efforts take some of the pressure off the backs of the hard-working and dedicated staff of the cemetery, as well as increasing pedestrian and vehicle safety coming in during the busiest time of year. This opportunity to help others in my community is one I will always appreciate.

Among Kinga’s many achievements are attaining High Honor Roll (90+ GPA) in all 16 quarters of her high school career, being a finalist in the Tarrytown Historical Society Hall of Fame essay contest (2018), and induction into the National Honor Society (2018-present). Kinga was also a member of three varsity sports teams – Volleyball (2018), Tennis (2019), and Indoor Track and Field (2018-present).

“Kinga is a wonderful person, strong student and has contributed a great deal to her community, said David Ziegler, Sleepy Hollow Counseling Department Chair.

Kinga is headed to the University of Florida next fall.


  1. Congratulation Kinga and wishing you continued success in Gator country. My dad worked in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery for many years and I always liked to wander around the cemetery as a young kid, checking out the famous (Vanderbilt, Chrysler, Rockefeller, etc.) and locals who passed on. It is a beautiful peaceful area.

  2. Congratulations! Never underestimate the middle child. We are proud and happy to know this smart young lady since she was a wee one. Good luck Kinga

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