Sleepy Hollow High School Class of 2033 Buries Time Capsule

SHHS Class of 2033 buries a time capsule.

Over 100 of first grade students from W.L. Morse Elementary School traveled to Sleepy Hollow High School to get a glimpse at their future – and do something that will help them remember their pasts when they are graduating as the Class of 2033. Each of the seven classes made contributions to a time capsule that was buried on the courtyard at SHHS. In addition to class photos, students voted to add objects that represent their interests today – Pokemon cards, slime, a poppit and Baby Echo finger puppet. Even the faculty made contributions including a mask and a saliva testing kit – joking that they hope these items are long gone in 2033.

The time capsule idea was offered by the district’s Technology Integration Specialist Jean O’Brien who learned of another district doing a similar project and thought that it would help the students do something meaningful and special.

Many of the young students wore the t-shirts they received at the Rose Ceremony this fall, another district event that helps show students their path to the high school and connect to their school district. Several students admitted that they may not remember what they placed in the capsule when it comes time to open it but felt their class made good choices about their contribution.

Superintendent Chris Borsari said that the students will gather to dig up the time capsule and go through the contents on the 3/3/33 palindrome. “It was great to see the excitement of our Morse students here at the high school and I hope that when it comes time to open the time capsule that they look back on many great memories here in the district.”

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