Report Highlights SUNY Westchester Community College’s Impact on Regional Economy

According to a new study, SUNY Westchester Community College creates a significant positive impact on the business community and generates a return on investment to its major stakeholder groups – students, taxpayersand society. An independent analysis calculated the fiscal year 2021-22 impact at $585.6 million in income to the Westchester County economy, supporting over 5,800 jobs.

SUNY WCC has been providing Westchester’s residents with accessible, high quality and affordable education since 1946, preparing students with the skills required to fill high-demand fields that drive the local economy. This study, sponsored by the Westchester Community College Foundation, was a way to quantify the significance and efficacy of these efforts across Westchester County.

The economic impact study revealed benefits for multiple stakeholders and beneficiaries:

SUNY WCC graduates earn on average $9,600 more each year compared to what they would have earned with only a high school diploma. SUNY WCC students enjoyed an average rate of return on their college investment of 16.4%
Westchester communities benefited through SUNY WCC operations, spending activities of the students, as well as from higher lifetime earnings of its alumni and the increased business output of their employers due to the increased productivity, which support over 5,800 jobs. Altogether, the social benefits of SUNY WCC equal a present value of $929.3 million, which includes added income as well as savings generated by the improved lifestyles of SUNY WCC students.For every $1 invested in SUNY WCC, the people of New York will receive a cumulative value of $6.60 in benefits.
Taxpayers gain $1.40 in added tax revenues and public sector savings for every $1 spent, amounting to $96.6 million in benefits on taxpayer costs of $71.2 million from state and local government funding.

SUNY WCC has a long-standing reputation for providing a valuable contribution to its students and the region,” said Dr. Belinda Miles, president of SUNY Westchester Community College. “For example, SUNY WCC ranked 21st nationally of two-year colleges in terms of upward mobility. This economic impact analysis quantifies the extent to which the college benefits its students, taxpayers, and the entire region.”

This analysis illustrates what a vital resource SUNY WCC is to our students, the people of Westchester County, and the entire state of New York,” said Dr. LeRoy Mitchell, SUNY Westchester Community College Board of Trustees Chair. “With such a significant increase in lifetime earnings for our graduates, students should consider a SUNY WCC education a wise investment in themselves.”

This analysis was conducted by Lightcast, a leading provider of economic impact studies and labor market data to educational institutions, workforce planners, and regional developers in the U.S. and internationally.

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