Public Schools of the Tarrytowns’ Little Scholars Celebrate the 100th Day of School

100th Day of School Celebration. Photo: Cara Tomao 
100th Day of School Celebration. Photo: Cara Tomao

Students at John Paulding School and Winfield L. Morse School celebrated their 100th Day of School on February 12, 2024. These young scholars began their day as they normally do, with their morning meetings, as their teachers incorporated fun learning activities to honor the momentous occasion.

“This special event is a symbolic tribute to our students’ achievements within multiple disciplines in reading, writing, and math,” said Sandra Tavares, Second Grade Dual Language Teacher at W.L. Morse.

Students throughout the two schools sat down and colored their very own 100th Day hats using their favorite colors to express their excitement and individuality. Then they participated in various activities to commemorate the day.

In some classes the students counted the number of days in unison as their teachers smiled proudly, while in other classrooms they created different types of artwork. Some students worked individually while others worked in groups.

“It’s teamwork, they have to work together to count all the pieces and then create a design,” said Christina Miles, Second Grade Teacher at Morse. The students counted 100 small foam shapes and then used them to create their works of art. “It’s fun watching them working together in a team as they create their masterpieces.”

The students enjoyed celebrating being “100 Days Smarter” by completing assorted projects. “The 100th day is an excellent opportunity for the students to use what they have learned in math,” said Ms. Miles. “I think one of the things they loved the most was making their 100th Day crowns.”

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