Persephone Musical to Open at Peabody Preserve in Fall 2023

A new musical retelling of the Persephone myth will take place along the paths and clearings of the Peabody Preserve Outdoor Classroom in Sleepy Hollow in September and October 2023!

The new musical experience was conceived and written by Peter Royston and Will Royston with music and lyrics by Emma Freeman

Take a Fantasy Romance story, mix it with a Music Festival and add a beautiful hike through the woods and what do you have? Persephone , a new musical experience!

A modern retelling of the classic Greek myth, Persephone is a timeless story of family, finding one’s true self and searching for a better life. Persephone (in our version, a pop star loved by millions) is the daughter of the nature goddess Demeter (for us, a loving but overbearing stage mom). Smothered by her mother’s love, Persephone dreams of choosing her own destiny, of being “Queen of her own heart.” When Persephone meets Hades, the handsome and fiery king of the Underworld, a conflict is set in motion that places the fate of the entire world at stake. Persephone is directed by Peter Royston and written by Peter Royston and Will Royston. This new musical features songs and music by the dynamic song writer and performer Emma Freeman, who also plays Persephone.

Anywhere Theatre Company has partnered with the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow School District to set this new experience on the paths and clearings of the Peabody Preserve Outdoor Classroom.

Persephone opens September 29th. For dates, times and tickets, click on Anywhere Theatre Company’s web site at



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  1. Peter Royston is one of the most skilled directors of our generation! I’ve seen him get middle school kids to perform incredible Shakespeare… amazing. Anything he directs is worth going to see, so something he wrote is even more worthwhile!

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