Ossining Schools Survey Residents on New Mascot

The Ossining school district’s initiative to choose a mascot that reflects the spirit and values of the community continues in March when it distributes a survey to gauge public opinion.  

The district developed the survey in February, and also conducted hourlong virtual focus groups. 

A report containing a compilation and analysis of the survey responses will be issued. Regular updates on the process will be provided to keep the community informed.  

It’s all part of an initiative aimed at enhancing school spirit, identity and community engagement.  

An advertising agency hired by the district to assist in the process, Joy Riot, toured local schools in January to gain insights into the culture and values unique to each building. Focus groups and communication meetings were conducted as part of the mascot development journey. 

In May, the final mascot design will be selected through a collaborative process involving key stakeholders. 

The final mascot design will be presented to the Board of Education for approval in June. 

Ossining removed the Indians as the district’s nickname in 2002, following a state Education Department recommendation that districts stop using Native American
symbols as mascots. Ossining later changed the nickname to the Pride..
Visit ossiningufsd.org/district/mascot for more information.


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