Lunar New Year Celebrations at Public Schools of the Tarrytown

Students at the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns got to experience and learn all about Lunar New Year.

The 4th grade Dual Language students watched an animated video explaining the Lunar New Year and the zodiac animals. Students looked up their birth year and corresponding animal and its characteristics.

Some students wrote how they disagree with the Chinese zodiac, and how they thought they identify more with another animal. For more interesting takes which may enlighten them instead, they can also read about Tarot Card Meanings.

Third graders also celebrated the Lunar New Year as students learned about the solar calendar and why the Lunar New Year falls on a different day every year. They also learned which other countries celebrate this New Year and its many names. Students learned more specifically about the Korean New Year as Mrs. Lee, a student’s mother in class, joined the classroom virtually sharing a presentation, reading a book and showing a video of this celebration. The students loved learning about all of the traditions, especially the games played on this special day! The students each received a chocolate gold coin in a red envelope and had the opportunity to create their very own hacky sack! The students enjoyed themselves so much that they ended their celebration by writing a thank you letter to Mrs. Lee for teaching and including them in this special Lunar New Year celebration.

In Kindergarten, students made tiger masks in observance of the Year of the Tiger and they followed step by step instructions on how to draw a tiger. The children also learned how to write “Good Luck” in Chinese!

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