How To Get a Good Job During a Recession

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Finding decent jobs during an economic recession is a challenge. Luckily, some tactics can work for almost anyone who wants to land a good paying job to support a comfortable lifestyle. There are even disability services out there that can help you find a job if you have any form of impairment making it a bit more complicated to just find a job you are able to perform. In fact, a person’s job, along with its benefits and pay level, is the single most important determinant of their lifestyle. The following techniques offer a starting point for anyone who wants to beat the odds and secure a better-than-average job in the middle of an economic downturn.

Start Networking Now

Networking is like the glue that holds your employment search together. There’s no reason to delay building a list of names and contact information. Include everyone who has even a slight chance of being able to help you in your quest. Pull names from your social media accounts, any discussion forums you frequent, current friends, and former co-workers. Make liberal use of basic business cards and a resume. Give one or both items to contacts who seem especially promising.

Finish College

Getting a degree can supercharge your earning potential and lifestyle. Aspiring veterinarians, for example, need to complete their veterinary degree and acquire a license for them to become eligible for Veterinarian Jobs. Unfortunately, too many people skip college because they assume it’s too expensive, and they don’t want to borrow the entire amount. The good news is that there are plenty of scholarships available for students in every discipline, subject, and field. Searching online for available scholarship opportunities is simple if you stick with reputable organizations and websites like Going Merry scholarships, which can help prospective students cover some or all of their education-related costs for a four-year degree. The primary advantage of scholarships is that you never have to repay the money, unlike a loan.

Weaponize Your Resume

There are so many reasons your resume needs to be professional so don’t be frugal when it comes time to create and print a resume. For the vast majority of companies you contact, the document will be the only impression they have of you. Don’t write it yourself. Make a rough outline and include all recent jobs, education, awards, and personal data. Let a professional resume writer put all the puzzle pieces together.

Be ready to pay more for digital-ready resumes that are optimized for ATS (applicant tracking systems), and computerized scanning apps that hunt for keywords and pertinent data relevant to the position in question. Hire a writer who offers cover letters for each resume and can create an optimized LinkedIn profile for you. It’s worth every penny to turn this all-important document into a powerful weapon. In recessions, you need to use every advantage you can muster in the battle to secure a decent job. You may even seek help from staffing agencies like Ursus.

Make Cold Calls

The cold call strategy is often overlooked but still as powerful as ever. Sadly, few use it in the digital age because they rely too heavily on online contacts. The simplest way to leverage the power of the cold call is to make a list of companies where you’d like to work. Phone their main numbers and ask for the HR department. It might take a few tries to speak with a human. When you get through, ask basic questions like are they hiring in any department right now, what’s an email or physical address where you can send a resume, and can you submit an application, resume, or both online?


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